Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Comments and Opinions Shared and Respected

The other day, I had the opportunity to read an “Easter related” post from a fellow blogger who I read from often. Her position was to question of the validity of Christ being the true Son of God. I couldn’t help but read the comments afterwards and was amazed to find that all of the posts tended to agree with the blog’s author and took turns to take their shots at Christianity, Easter along with any other topic they could think of regarding Christianity. Now the beauty of blogging is that everyone out there has the right to their opinion and therefore, in the spirit of blogging, I choose to respect theirs but that does not mean that I have to agree in what they say.

In turn, I chose to comment on not only the blog but also on the comments. Below is how I commented…

"It surprises me how so many take so much time in slamming Jesus Christ if all he was fake or a phoney. Which also makes me wonder... How does a "fake god" command so much attention of billions of people throughout the ages of time (thousands of years.) You would think that if all he is is fake then why even bother writing about Him and commenting about him. I also find it disappointing that there are no "believing bloggers" taking the time to fight up for those who slam their Saviour. I for one believe.
To each their own I suppose. That is what this world is about... Respecting each other's opinions and beliefs.

Have a Happy Easter! :-)"

Now the author of the blog was gracious to respond to my comment and this is what she said…

"Dave - Probably there are not many believing bloggers reading my blog. Or those that are, unlike you don't dare speak up. Good for you then for saying your piece. Life would be boring if everyone thought the same. And your opinion is respected here."

Now that is what blogging is all about … respecting others opinions and I truly appreciate her comment. Thank you Jazz.

This morning it occurred to me that, though I did comment regarding my belief in Christ, I was somewhat guilty of doing exactly what I was critical towards others were doing or, should I say, failing to do… Tell others what Eater means to me. Now, if you want to head to a blog that did, in my estimation a phenomenal job at this, then I suggest that you go to Lone Grey Squirrel’s blog! LGS, thanks so much for your photos, videos and words exclaiming the story of God’s sacrifice of delivering his Son for our sins. I think you deserve a “Christian Blogger’s Award” if there ever was one (is there?).

This morning, though a few days too late, I was going to submit a post on my belief of the Easter story but posting one would not do justice to what LGS submitted. I would feel like I was reinventing the wheel. So, I shall wait for another opportunity to proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ.

Anyways, for those who celebrate the true meaning of Easter… I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful Easter by celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Saviour!


Monika said...

I was always the opinion that everyone should be able to believe in whatever they want to believe in. If everybody, no matter what religion they believe in, would just live their life in a good way, and not want to kill all other believers, or convert them to their believes, it would be peaceful here. But unforutnately that is not so. So many wars have been/ and still are being faught over religion. I like living spiritualy, but do not favor one religion. Easter is a celebration of new beginnings for me. I was raised roman catholic, but am ashamed of what the church did over time in the name of religion/god.

Jazz said...

Dave.... he's a she. :-)

Becky Wolfe said...

Thanks for sharing this Dave - I agree that LGS post did the honor of Easter most graciously! Hats off to Jazz for the respectful comments!

Your own faith is obvious, even without sharing the easter story!

Janice Thomson said...

I too thought LGS had outstanding posts about Easter and my respect went up another few notches.
When you can get a group of such varied peoples and cultures to come together and still respect one another's views then blogging has achieved a fine standard. This particular group has achieved that and as Becky says "Hats off" to those in this little corner of the blogging world!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Dave, (and becky & janice), thanks for the kind words. I'm a just happy and wanting to share the Easter story. Dave, look forward to your post on your faith.