Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pills and More Pills!

Last night, I woke up with one heck of a sore throat! Now it wasn't the ordinary type of sore throat where it is just sore to swallow; it was one where you had this sharp pain in a localized area as well. I could even press the area of my neck and it would hurt. It was bad enough to make me jump out of bed upon the realization that it was there. It was as if someone simply turned on the pain switch in my throat and said “there, is that bad enough for you!?!”

I thought that I was going to die… at that time of night when I want to be fast asleep, any type of pain will make me want to die! Now, thank goodness for pain pills and throat lozenges. With a couple of Extra Strength Advil (one too many, I might add) and a CÄ“pacol, I headed off back to bed.

Thank God for chemists who invent drugs… Well, at least the legitimate drugs!

Drugs… Speaking about drugs… I have just started taking a multi-vitamin and 3 Omega-3 capsules per day. Now, when you add this to about 5 other pills I swallow a day, it becomes quite a mouthful every morning. When I was young, all I took was a pseudaphedrine for my allergies. Now with all of my ailments, I sometimes feel like a walking pharmaceutical anomaly.

I suppose that, on the other hand, I shouldn’t be complaining about all the meds I take… at least I have a somewhat healthy life and that none of the drugs I take have any side effects… except when I choke to death when I take all of my meds in one gulp due to running late in the morning. So, in retrospect, I suppose I should be thankful to God for the health he has bestowed upon me.

It also occurs to me that I have been blessed with a job which supplies decent benefits that cover all of my prescribed medications. It is also fortunate for me to live in Canada where health care is not a luxury for few but instead a given for everybody.

So... regardless of my sore throat and lack of sleep last night, I truly am blessed!


abbagirl74 said...

Yes, health care in Canada is great from what I hear. In the States, it's a battle to find good, inexpensive health care. Hope you are feeling better soon.

mapiprincesa! said...

I am sorry to hear of your father. It seems cruel, as I see so many of my friends entering into these decisions with their parents, to almost be thankful to have lost my father when he was only 59...

Blessings and peace-I'll stop in again, if I may.

Cheryl said...

Glad the meds helped, but why did you have such bad pain? Did it come back? I've been taking Omega-3 too. My sister, who works for a doctor gave them to me and told me I have to take them. That and Vitamin D.

HeiressChild said...

isn't it something how God will let us see the blessings in what we sometimes think is the worst situation? one of my meds is no longer being covered by my insurance company, and there is no generic. it costs me $96 each month, which i did for 2 months; then i downloaded a 30-day free coupon from their site for another month. i just simply can't afford to pay that every month, especially with the high costs of electricity here. there are a couple of online canadian companies that sell for a 3-month supply the amount i was paying monthly. i'm going to call my dr this week to see if she's familiar with them, and hopefully she'll ok me getting that medicine thru them.

i have to take iron to keep me from being anemic, and i eat plenty of potassium-rich foods as my potassium gets depleted sometimes.

i hope you're feeling much better today, and will have a good sleep throughout the nite.

Hammer said...

I know what you mean about all the hose pills. It seems in this day and age we can depend on them to really improve our qualiuty of life.

On the sore throat... I found gargling with a cup of pure lemon juice for a min or so really helps clear out the crud, kill the germs and almost immediatey relieve the pain.

Jazz said...

I don't know about the rest of Canada, but health care in Quebec is ridiculous. Over 50 percent of Quebecers (I'm one of them) don't even have a GP - none of them are taking patients. Finding a clinic that would take Mr. Jazz a couple of weeks ago was hell. He in on file in a clinic but they refuse walk ins and suggested the emergency room when I told them you can't really wait a week for a urinary infection. Idjits.

Monika said...

Do I understand correctly that you have to take prespretion drugs on a regular basis? Hope it's nothing too serious. My husband took vitamins, minerals and garlic pills for years, and the garlic pills saved his life, because as it turned out he's got a heart condition, and the pills acted like blood thinners. He never was sick, and had no GP, until last christmas, when he almost died. My sons GP took him on as a patient, even though they didn't take new patients any more. Not everybody is so lucky. Hope you'll be O.K. soon. Did you convince your sister to knit you some mitts? ;o)

Janice Thomson said...

Here's wishing you better soon Dave!
Know what you mean about pills - I have to take a few too but they keep me alive and kicking so that's what counts. It is difficult finding a GP here too - there's always a waiting list. People use the walk-in clinics instead

Josie said...

Dave, you sound like me. At 3:00 in the morning, any little ache or pain is .... terminal (heh). You probably scratched your throat chugging down all those pills at the same time.

I agree with Jazz. Finding a GP in Vancouver, who will take new patients is almost impossible. And I work with doctors.

Sue said...

Any pain SUCKS... I have had strep a couple time and OUCH!

If you don't have any other cold virus type symptoms, and mostly throat pain w/fever you may have strep throat. A simple swab will determine whether it is or not!

We sure are lucky to have our health-care system, although it is true that if you don't have a GP, it's kind of pointless eh!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I put flaxseed meal on my cereal for Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. THe more natural the form the better. I also take chewable multivitimins because I have a nodule on my thyroid that makes it hard to swallow big pills.


Becky Wolfe said...

Yes, I too am thankful for the great health care we have. I can relate to the pill popping. I think I take 7 or 8 vitamins each day.

Hope your deathly sore throat went away. My seasonal allergies seem to be coming to a close for which I am soooo thankful for!

Becky Wolfe said...

Yes, I too am thankful for the great health care we have. I can relate to the pill popping. I think I take 7 or 8 vitamins each day.

Hope your deathly sore throat went away. My seasonal allergies seem to be coming to a close for which I am soooo thankful for!

UKBob said...

I hope your throat is better, do you know what caused you such pain, was it an infection or was something stuck in it?