Friday, August 31, 2007

Say Cheese!

Not too long ago I attended the graduation ceremony of the school where I teach. It brought back memories of when I was once a young high school graduate. It also reminded me of when my daughter graduated as well.

Now as I observed these excited high school students as they received their diploma, I couldn't help but watch them as they posed for their parents and loved ones to snap that soon to be memorable photograph. Well, actually, they didn't really just pose... they posed and posed and posed and posed and... well you get the idea. These poor students waitied forever for their family to snap the shot simply because their family could not snap the shot due to weak batteries in their cameras. Now I am not speaking about one family but practically every individual that wanted to take that memorable picture had to wait for the batteries to recharge... Now why the heck couldn't they come prepared with fully charged batteries... It's not as if they were caught off guard... they have had the entire lifetime of their children to get ready. Now I can understand if they didn't know until an hour before that their kid was graduating but this was not the case and even if it was, couldn't they have stopped off at the corner store to pick up a couple of Duracell AAA's?

Poor kids... smiling there frozen in time while waiting for that blasted flash to tempoarily blind them! I just gotta feel sorry for them.

So, folks.... you got a kid graduating in the next few years? Be prepared and get yourself some real batteries that actually work or else to are going to have a pretty ticked off kid wondering what your problem is not to mention the entire crowd wondering exactly what I was wondering all evening .... "Why aren't they prepared!"


Janice Thomson said...

Weddings too Dave LOL. How true there's always those who don't think to prepare for this kind of thing.

Cheryl said...

I'm anal about my battery being charged. I'm going to be on the lookout next time I'm at a big event like you described. I might even take some pictures of the battery-less photographers.

Becky Wolfe said...

SO true - my camera has its own special battery that I plug in to charge and how I kick my own butt when its dying. I have a spare thankfully but they seem to die at inopportune moments.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha. I wonder if "Murphy" has a law about that.


HeiressChild said...

bill clinton will be here next week for his book signing, so i will make sure i have brand new batteries. wouldn't want to keep the former prez waiting.