Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mysterious Vials

Yesterday morning, we discovered two brown glass vials of liquid on my son's dresser in his bedroom. There was no identifying label on it or the name of any manufacturer. I held it up to the light hoping to determine the colour of the liquid but was unable to do so due to the colour of the glass. Now, we have never known our son to take drugs and the chance that it was an illegal substance was not high on the list but, as a parent, you never discount anything no matter how much you trust your children. There is always a first and we all as parents, hope that their first would always be their last. After careful consideration, my first thought about the vial was that it was a prescription type medicine that came in a lager box with a number of similar vials in it since there was no identification on the glass. I thought that maybe he had simply found these vials or was holding them for someone else. We would have immediately asked him about these vials but he was at work at the time.

Considering that they also might be toxic in nature, I decided to put them in a safe place for the time being. Ironically, I broke one of them in the process and spilled it all over my hands. Now I was plagued with the problem that my skin may have absorbed this substance. I washed it off as soon as I could. Now that that glass had been opened, we could smell the liquid. I thought it smelled like vanilla. His mother thought it smelled like licorice.

The rest of my day was spent in worry. Not because of the possibility of it being drugs as much as it being toxic. I was worried about what now inhabited my body. I wanted to take it to a pharmacist for identification but I also needed to protect my son as he, as far as I was concerned, was innocent until proven guilty. After all, he hadn't hid it from us and, in my estimation, hadn't done anything wrong.

So... Five hours later...

I picked up my son from work and immediately asked him as to what was in those brown vials.

Ginseng extract!

And so, I now owe him 4 dollars for breaking one of the vials he had bought from the health food store! I apologized for breaking it. He shook his head, smiled and called me clumsy!

All in a day's work as a parent!


abbagirl74 said...

Thank goodness!

Janice Thomson said...

Although you worried it was wonderful you didn't accuse him right off the bat. What an understanding father you are.

HeiressChild said...

hi dave, that could have been me or any other parent. not only did you handle it well, but your son handled it well too. he could have given you grief about being in his room, touching his things, etc. that shows trust on both parts. have a blessed day!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad it all turned out all right. I wonder why the vials weren't labeled? Maybe they're hand packed by the health store. You left us hanging...why did your son have ginseng extract?

Jazz said...

Your son is obviously not too good at drugs and poison if ginseng is the best he can do... :-)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Good parenting. How hard it is to walk that narrow line. Lucky for you though, ginseng is supposed to help with keeping you young and vital. Not a bad thing to be "poisoned" with.

Dave said...

Hi abbagirl! Thank goodness is right!! :-)

Hi Janice! You are right about that. Sometimes is pays to back off until you know for sure.

Hi Heiresschild You are right... Trust takes a long time to gain but only a moment to lose. Have a great day!

Hi Cheryl! They weren't labelled because he had torn the labels off which is nothing unusual with him as we find bottle lables (pop etc.) all over the house constantly. I think he picked it up while in the health food store just to try it out.

Hi Jazz! Well, if he wants to "get high" on ginseng then who am I to complain! :-)

Hi LGS! Ginseng keeps you young and vital?? Maybe I should start drinking it by the litre! :-)

Hammer said...

Ginseng, is good for the memory.

You handled it well...except for the bottle of course ;)

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Wow dave, You handled that great! Most parents would have jumped the fence before even asking. It makes me smile knowing there are parents that have the tools that are needed. And even further your son must know how much you care for him, because he didn't go nuts knowing that you had taken this stuff, not to mention broken it :;smirk::. Well I feel like I am praising my child. My apologies... just nice to see.

Soft love,

Cheesy said...

Eeeekkkk?! What a dilemma... sounds like you handled it well.. and your son is a tropper Papa... good job! btw ty for stopping by!

Lorraine said...

That's so funny Dave, 'clumsy' he said, I like that LOL

A Happy Downtowner said...

Awww Dave ~ you're a good parent. You did right and then asked your son. And he was able to answer you. That speaks volume.

Ginseng is good for you, get him to buy you one too :)

A Happy Downtowner said...

Awww Dave ~ you're a good parent. You did right and then asked your son. And he was able to answer you. That speaks volume.

Ginseng is good for you, get him to buy you one too :)