Friday, January 04, 2008

Back Down to Negative Digits!

The weather is now back down to the negative double digits again. Now please keep in mind that this is celsius we are talking about here. Maybe I should convert to Fahrenheit just so I would be in the positive double digits! I suppose however that -11 celsius or +10 Fahrenheit doesn't make all that of a difference since either way it is freezing cold outside.

Now what I really need is a hot tub. I looked into getting one last winter but the price was prohibitive. The way I figure it is that maybe I should simply spend a few bucks and get a larger bath tub instead of the thousands a hot tub would cost me. The only problem is that it would be difficult in convincing my friends to come over for a bath whereas a hot tub invitation would be much more desirable.

"Hey folks... you wanna hang out in my bath tub?!?" versus "Hey folks... you wanna hang out in my hot tub?"

I spent a couple of hours outside shovelling the snow so that my low bellied dashound could have some space in the backyard to run and to dump in. I was sick and tired of her doing her duty on my deck just outside the patio door. I also spent a ton of time scraping the doo-doo off the deck. Now I could ask my kids to do it but hell would have to freeze over first. Unfortunately though it was almost cold enough, it didn't hit that mark.

So... When do we get out of this big freeze? Well this is pretty par for the course as far as the weather goes and so I suppose that we will have to grin and bear it. The last time that the weather was pretty fair was when we had my father's interment at the cemetery the other day. God surely blesses!

It is 8:33pm EST (-5:00) and I have had an extremely busy day. I would have posted here this morning but my computer is having a meltdown and with me right behind it. Fortunately my son is out with his girlfriend and so I have commandeered his system for the time being. I look forward to being able to read your posts by tomorrow morning when I will have spent all night installing windows, their drivers plus all my required software.

Until then, have a great day!


Smalltown RN said...

Hello there...I come here via Josie's blog...oh the weather outside is step sons go home tomorrow to Dundas...via Toronto....they have spent a fairly mild Christmas with us on the westcoast....actually Vancouver Island...I think they are going to have a temperature shock when they get home....

Now about that hottub...hubby and I have pondered that as well...we are thinking when we redo our ensuite to just install a larger jet tub......I think that would do it....cheers...and I hope you get the computer up and going...

Hammer said...

My dachshund steps onto the icy deck then does an uncontolled bellyup up slide down the three steps into the yard where he frantically dumps. I have to carry him back in due to lack of traction.

Jocelyn said...

Oh, my heavens. I just saw your comment and my blog, and with your new photo, it took me a minute to recognize you. Yes, we HAVE gotten lost from each other in the blogosphere, but this post reminded me of why I used to visit. You are a lovely person--that's why. Plus, all is well in the world when a hot tub is involved.

BostonPobble said...

Thanks for stopping by over at mine. Ten years ago, my father died on December 26th. While no one can truly understand what another person goes through, know that you have my empathy as well as my support. I remember the feeling of knowing Daddy was smiling on me, as well.

And I don't care if you measure it in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the temperatures you're dealing with are just plain COLD! A hot tub is in order, indeed! :)

Wanda said...

Well I hope you get everything fixed tonight. Sorry you had to shovel snow...that seems like such hard work.
We had wind, rain and hail, but no snow where I live.

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh love that photo Dave even if it does look cold. Sorry to hear about the computer. Hot tubs are absolutely wonderful! Having said that let me now say this: BUT NEVER AGAIN!
They are labor intensive and expensive to keep up. The chemicals for them cost a lot and sometimes because of the amount of chlorine used one becomes allergic to it. It is interesting to note that the amount used in a hot tub is triple the amount in our drinking water. Weird isn't it - makes one wonder.
It was nice while we had one but I don't think I'd ever get another one - but that's just my opinion.

Sandy said...

Hi Dave. We had a hot tub installed a couple years ago, and it is enclosed in like a redwood enclosure. It's really nice and I never use it. Not quite sure why other than by the time I think of it, I'd rather be in my bed watching TV or surfing the internet on my laptop.

But you're right, a bathtub party probably wouldn't go over too well with your friends..haha.

nice reading you.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I know that you are probably very attached to that dachshund but it would seem a taller dog would make life easier for you. Hang in there. Spring is round the corner.

lettuce said...

thats a great photo!

keep warm

beachgirl said...

Dave we have had extremely cold down here too. Well for us. It got down to 35 degrees with a wind chill of 23 degrees. I live in South Florida. Everyone at the gym was saying the same thing. The clouds looked like snow. Anyone who has lived where the white stuff falls knows that snow look. IT LOOKED LIKE SNOW. IT FELT LIKE SNOW.

Today it will be 72 again. But it's raining. Tomorrow promises to be warm and sunny. We are all breaking out our motorcycles and going for a long ride. Florida Keys here we come. My riding group has been working hard thru the Holidays and we all need a good run.

I can't imagine my dogs even being in the snow. They didn't even like the extreme cold.

Have an awesome day.


Gudl said...

I like the photo!
Well...warmer weather is on its way!
Have a great weekend.

Mother of Invention said...

Ah, you found me through Jocelyn, another great blogger and high school teacher! Nice to meet another one from Ontario!
I'm an elementary teacher on a leave due to some health gunk but I'm still volunteering at my school for Gr. 3 reading. All the perks with none of the stress of reports etc.!

I see that you're into athletics etc. as my husband is. He's really into X-C skiing (does some racing)and also runs, bikes (mostly road but Mt. too) and roller-skis in the off he's pretty happy about all the white stuff we've had since Nov.! He's been out about 28 times so far!

Thanks for the visit! I think you have a fine blog here so I'll be back.
We'd love a hot tub but only have a regular tub with 6 jets which will have to suffice for a long time till we pay for renos!!

alexander said...

Oh mine. this is a nice photo. It sure looks frozen out there.

Alex's World! -

BBC said...

It was over 50 here yesterday. It freezes at night some in the winter but always gets above freezing during the day.

A hot tub would be nice, but they really don't attract many friends.

Happy paths.

alicesg said...

Wow, the icicles on the lamp look like those in the freezer. It really is freezing out there for you. Take care and have a nice weekend.

Anna said...

Hi Dave nice photo, love winter photos, however, not the cold so much. We got some crazy weather here now, goes warm cold warm cold snow you name it. BTW thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting. Anna :)

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

You're freezing and we're melting in the heat! Got to love the upside down world.

Love the shot of the icicles on the lantern - beautiful.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you for your kind comment and the visit...I hope you return often. I have bookmarked you as well. I love a hot tub also, but would not like the work of the upkeep. Try and stay warm and keep well. As for me, I think I've finally found the road to recovery. Val

Awareness said...

Greetings on this, the first Hockey Night In Canada of 2008! It has warmed up in Fredericton today, but yesterday the winds brought -35 degree temps. Nasty.

thank you for visiting my blog. If you are interested in John O'Donahue's work, you can find his publications on (the link is in my post). His writing is simply beautiful. He recently published a new book of Blessings just before Christmas, but the book that seems to be the most popular is entitled Anam Cara. (translation.......soulmate)

I've read through some of your more recent posts.....and will return again!

I'm sorry you have just experienced a big loss with your father's passing. My husband too lost his father and then his mother two weeks later last June. They had both been very unwell. Alzheimer's played a sad role in all of it.

May 2008 be a year of small moments of grace which bring you big smiles and love.


Becky Wolfe said...

Love that photo! You're having a big freeze while we had a big rain which is strange for us in January. It wasn't good news though as it all froze quickly and the driveway is more like a bobsled run today. (The Staples delivery guy just about landing on his head yesterday)

I imagined a Sesame Street scene played out in your bathroom with all the muppets sharing the tub at once. LOL Yeah, a hot tub to share would be a bit more inviting!

I hope you guys thaw out there soon. Else, get some more excellent ice photos!

Portia said...

BRRR! I bet you'll be glad if you get the hot tub:) Good luck with the computer. Have a good evening & stay warm!

Gypsy said...

Hi Dave, I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and I see quite a few familiar faces here. Please allow me to express my condolences on your father's passing. That would be tough to deal with at any time of year but especially so close to Christmas.

I left a reply to your comment on my blog but in case you don't read it I just wanted you to know that you and/or your friend would be very welcome to email me anytime about MS if you would like to chat about it. My email address is on my blog.

I have read a few of your posts and I would like to add you to my blog roll if that's ok. I will definitely be back.

simonsays said...

Yes, I have to admit, it WOULD be difficult to get your friends over to your bathtub. teehee

I am hating every second of the cold and snow here, too. We have had a rotten winter here already, and it's early in the season.

I feel for you, re-loading all of the computer junk, I HATE that job.

Hang in. :)

moi said...

Howdy, Dave. Thanks for dropping by Moi's blob and leaving a comment. I hope things warm up for you soon and my condolences as well on the loss of your father.

Lane said...

Hi Dave. You have my sympathy with the poo scraping. The colder it gets, the nearer to the back door my two go. And do I get help? As if:-)

Commiserations on the death of your father. So sad.

Akelamalu said...

It looks rather chilly there Dave. Frozen dog poop must be a devil to clean up! :(

smilnsigh said...

That is some ice covering there!!!

Hope you got your computer all spiffy again but.... I don't see an entry for today/Sun. Good luck!!


Josie said...

Brrrrr! You should move to Vancouver. It's balmy and warm here. You can smell the hibiscus coming in off the pineapple express from Hawaii.

Now, don't you feel even worse? Heh.

Cheryl said...

Sending warm thoughts your way. The thought of soaking in a warm hot tub with snow all around? Sounds wonderful. I got a laugh at the thought of the bathtub invite.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Well Dave I hate to break it to you here, but in Grand rapids today it was in the high 40's and Monday is suppose to hit the 50's.

Maybe you all should come down here for a bit... course before you know it the snow will return and I will be out there moving th snow, because like your children at the dog's, lets just call it, stuff. My daughter would not lift a shovel if she had to walk in snow waist high... ahh kids, what can ya do?

I do hope though that you get a taste of the warmth because Florida calls it back home.

Be well,


Rowdy said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your wishes. I hope life is normal. I too wish you a wonderful 2008.

God, It must really be freezing out there. Take a trip to India as it is pretty warm and sunny. :)

Jules said...

Yikes Dave - that is cold!!! It is a warm 28 degrees Celsius here today - as usual.

My computer too has had a major operation but is ok. Phone lines are as bad as usual though!!

Good luck with your resolutions - i have made one but not going to well with it!!!

SOUL: said...

you know i would surely die a miserable horrible death in that weather. i just don't understand how you people do it. snowbirds ... hmmm. i guess someone has to be able to deal with those temps.. otherwise the entire world would be clumped into the bahamas or hawaii or florida.. etc...
and i don't think that would work out too well.

but anyhow...sorry you are having such a hard time right now. seems a lot of folks are-- then again, others are at a turning point for the better. what gives, i wonder.
just life i suppose eh?

ya know, you were one of the first blogs i came upon when i first started blogging? it's been quite a while-- not counting the other day.. since i have read here-- sorry about that.

i do enjoy reading what's in your head. :))

better out than in right?
that's what shrek said.. about a totally different subject-- but it's all the same i suppose.

anyhow, i hope you have a good day today. and a lot warmer than 11 degrees... omg.
btw.. it's another scorcher in tx... just so ya know. :))

SOUL: said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alok said...

loved the photo dave .. and it really looked cold .... hope by now u wld have fixed ur comp ... I love a hot tub bath even though it is not so cold out here


Jazz said...

Warm and raining in Montreal today - and for most of the week.

Go figure.

heiresschild said...

well as of today's date, we're having temps from 69-75 degrees here. yesterday, it was 69 where i live, and today is supposed to be in the mid-70's. it was pretty warm thoughout the nite; didn't have to turn on any heat. sending warm thoughts your way Dave. smile!

CS said...

You know, you can get a standard sized ub with jets now for not a whole lot more than a regular bathtub. It's true you wouldn't be able to invite your friends, but it is still a pleasant place to be when it's cold.

Anonymous said...

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