Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Demise of Some of My Favourite Blogs

Well... It looks like I have lost two of my favourite blogs in one day! Now I know that I am not responsible for this since I have had nothing but positive things to say about both of them and so I am off the hook for this one. One of the bloggers is someone fairly new to me. I have only been following his blog but for a couple of weeks but I was in the process of placing him on my "Blogs I Enjoy" list when I received an email from him with the news of the demise of his blog titled The Oswegan.

The second blog to disappear was one that I had been reading on a daily basis for well over a year. Her blog contained her exquisite art and Haiku to compliment the art. I must admit that there were times when I would have to read her work more than once since I have always had a bit of difficulty wrapping my mind around Japanese poetry but there were also times when I would read her posts more than once simply because I enjoyed it so much. So, if you used to head to Janice's blog titled Pursuance of Truth, you will no longer find it there. Hopefully one day she will regret this decision and return to us.

Over the years, I have missed a number of other bloggers. Some have never returned whereas some missed it to the point that they, once again, graced the pages of Blogger. One other person who many of us know as Josie, almost took an early retirement but, due to some of her readers protesting, came back within a 24 hours period. Someone please buy those protesters a drink!

Now I know that all of us, from time to time, need to take a break while there are others who feel like it's their time to say "goodbye." There have been times when I have felt like throwing in the towel and so I know how it feels and therefore I most certainly do understand when some of my favourites move on and so I will always wish them well.

And so Scott.. All the best in your new endeavour and Janice take care and I certainly hope to hear from you from time to time. Now for the rest of you... Don't go anywhere for the time being okay? Two is enough for one day!

Take care!


Jazz said...

I can understand how blogging can come to be a chore. Or at any rate, how it can come to take time away from real life.

I haven't come to the point yet where I'd want to stop blogging, but the day I hit a wall I'm unable to climb over, I'll probably stop.

Gypsy said...

I know how you feel Dave. I get quite attached to a lot of my blogging friends and when they sign off for whatever reason, I really miss them being a part of my day. What's even worse is if there is no warning or inclination that it's going to happen. One day you go to visit as usual and there is nothing there. Very sad....

Wanda said...

Oh know I visited Janice every day too. I was so saddened when she decided to end her blog.
I think it makes us realize just how attached we become to blogger friends.

That's why I'm so glad I can take my blogger friends to Southern CA when we move in April.


Oswegan said...

Thanks Dave. I really appreciate the kind words.

The reason I have departed for another part of the galaxy is because I need to be true to my original purpose, to share my love for photography.

Thanks for showing people where I am. I hope to see you there in the future.

~Oswegan - An Intragalactic Traveler

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I shall track the oswegan to his new home but will greatly miss Janice. I am in mourning.

Sandy said...

You know, i have had that happen too. There was one ...well I won't name it I guess, but she was located out of Kansas. I liked going there. One time I must have left the computer on her page and it sat there all day. She made a comment that someone was stalking her or some such nonsense, because they were spending way too much time at her blog. Soon after, it went to invitation only.

I get interrupted sometimes when I am reading blogs and leave the computer only to come back hours later and find out I'm still on someone's page.

There have been a few more that have closed shop that I liked to visit.

So don't you go anywhere, I'm enjoying coming here.


Sandy said...

p.s. that's a cool photo you posted.

Akelamalu said...

I suppose the time comes when one has had enough and it's time to go but I can understand your sadness at the loss of some of your favourite blogs, it has happened to me too. But as in life there is always something new to take the place of the old, memories are good.

Margie said...

I miss Janice's blog so very much!
But I do talk to her on the phone, and I hope to convince her to come back!
Here's hoping!


heiresschild said...

wow, i haven't been feeling very well since last friday, so i've been away. my voice has been gone for the past 3 days, so i'm going to the dr tomorrow, but i'm feeling better enough (is that correct?) to visit some blogs tonite. i am so shocked that Janice shut down. i just started visiting her blog recently and she'd visit my poetry blog. wow, i'm in shock.

i understand what you're saying though because i know some bloggers who have shut down and i really miss them too.

i really missed reading your blog when you were away, but i'm glad you'd pop in and let us know what was going on and you'd be gone for a bit, etc. that's why i keep doing some kind of post on my blog to let people know what's going on with me, and that i'll be back shortly.

Mama Keith said...

Hi! I just got done reading and enjoying the pictures on your blog. I do have to say that they are beautiful. I know I have my favorite blogs that I visit everyday like a part of my day and if they were to leave I would probably be lost for a while.

Have a blessed rest-of-the-week!!

Foster Communications said...

Hey, I just found you via another blog.

I don't think I could give up blogging. Something about getting everything out and on the page...

geewits said...

I've lost quite a few blogs in the four years that I've been reading them. Maybe I can cheer you up with a new haiku:

When the blogging stops,
Like the end of Summer came,
And there was no Fall.

Okay, that wasn't very cheery.
But it was a haiku!

Cheryl said...

I too miss some of the blogs that retired. The first one I ever read was by a teacher named Fred. He was such a great and active blogger, then suddenly stopped. I checked back from time to time, then deleted the blo. I guess you can just get to that point.
I didn't know Josie was back!

Madeleine said...

WOW! Thats so true! I don;t think bloggers realize what a blessing they are to some people. Its great to go on their blog to be encouraged, challenged, and sometimes to have a good laugh.

I like blogging for the reason that I have no memory. Its very sad. I think if I should ever get ahlzheimer's , no one will know the difference. So it reminds me of my path in life.

But you are right, bloggers re a bigger blessing then they know.

Thanks for stopping by! ~madeleine

Josie said...

I noticed Janice was gone, and my heart stopped! She was really part of the blogging community, and a true friend. I am going to miss her.

I had a wee bit of a tantrum last week, but I would miss everyone too much if I were to go away.

Now, don't you go away again!

CS said...

It's weird how that happens - they do seem to come and go. I had to stop for a while, but only made it a couple of weeks because I just found it was too important to me.

David Kim said...

I'm doing my best do keep on blogging!

David Kim said...

"to" I mean, not do. Sorry for the typo.