Friday, January 18, 2008

The Disappearing Coat

So, my son is going on a ski trip at the end of this month and... we can't find his winter coat!

It amazes me how things can simply fall into oblivion. It makes me wonder if things can and do simply disappear into another realm. I mean, the coat was here in the house not 24 hours ago and now it is not. What's with that!?! I remember bringing it in from the car... at least I think I do. He hasn't gone anywhere during that time so where else could that darn coat have taken off to? We put out the garbage but unless we dumped the coat in a garbage bag, it should still be here in the house. He checked both high schools he was in over the past few days; I checked the house high and low. I checked both cars. I also checked with the local psychic to see if it dissolved into the afterlife but she just told me that she sees a new coat in the near future.

Before it was his coat, it used to be mine. I reluctantly gave it to him when, last winter, he had great difficulty finding himself a new one. I got a new Columbia coat out of the deal. It may have been an old coat but it was a warm coat... an exceptionally warm coat that he could have used up at Blue Mountain Ski Resort at the end of this month.

So like the psychic told me, we are now going to have to put down a lot of money for a new one. The last time I took him out for a new winter coat, he tried on a "whole whack of them" from a number of different stores. As a young child, the sound that most winter coats makes when you walk with them on bothered his ears. To him it was like most people listening to fingernail on a chalk board or, as with me, metal utensils scraping on metal plates. Arrrrrrgh! That is why I never ate at the Ponderosa Steakhouse as a kid but that's another story for another post. Because of the sound these coats make, we have always had an extremely difficult time finding him one. My old coat never made this sound and thus why he chose my old one for a new one.

So... This year, it is his mother's job to go coat shopping with him. Whah! ha! ha! ha! ha! Good luck!


Becky Wolfe said...

A mystery indeed! I hope he gets a new non-noisy coat OR finds the old one before time is too late!

I need a new one as well but am far too cheap to buy one at this time! Maybe next winter!

alexander said...

haha... this is interesting. I always find it funny how come whenever I am looking for something, it always goes missing. But if I'm not looking for it. It is all over the place. :P

Alex's World! -

Akelamalu said...

I've had things go missing with no possible explanation, only to be found in the most obvious places a week later. I think we have ghosts. :)

Julie said...

Dave, just come back from a visit to Yorks and picked up from yours that Janice had moved on. Just felt like I'd got to know her in the past few weeks and will miss her beautiful art and poetry a great deal. Thanks for your post!!

BBC said...

That's interesting. Some coats are noisy.

I haven't bought a new coat since the winter of 1986. Bought one in Fredrick, Maryland when I was trucking.

People keep giving me coats so I just wear them. And my work coat isn't much more than a rag but I love my old clothes.

An interesting thing is that I've had the same pocket knife since the kids left home.

Margie said...

I've been searching for a book all this just disappered!
The bad thing is that it's a library book, and is due in a few days!


simonsays said...

Good heavens Dave, I know just what you mean about the noise that coats make - it drives me crazy!

In fact, coats in general are a source of contention in my house --I buy one for my husband, and it makes noise, so I can't stand that one, then I buy him a leather one and it smells, and I can't stand that one...he laughs at me. Geez...

Josie said...

Did you look behind the chesterfield? Things always end up behind the chesterfield. At least, they do in my house.

Here's hoping his new coat is quiet.

"What kind of a coat did you get?"

"Oh, a quiet one."


geewits said...

I guess you don't know about the blue guys. They are ALWAYS taking things!

Lane said...

So where did it go??

I can sympathise entirely with 'noisy coats'. Having spent the best part of the week with the hood of my anoarak up, I can still hear the noise now:-(

Hope he finds a silent, warm one:-)

Gypsy said...

I have had this happen to me with car keys. I come up the driveway, come inside the house and 5 minutes later when I have to go out again, the keys are nowhere to be found. There are at least 3 sets of keys that have vanished into the Bermuda Triangle that have never been found to this day. That is in spite of several big spring cleans that didn't turn anything up. Strange huh?

Mother of Invention said...

And what about those darn socks in the dryer? Where does ONE go?

Guess a kid wouldn't want to go to a 2nd hand in Tottenham, ON, there is a deal where all coats hats and gloves are FREE!

I hated that swishy sound of coats too! I ate at The Ponderosa in Guelph where I went to university 'cause it as cheap on Tues.! My grandma went 'cause she could chew the over-tenderized steaks!!!

Going to Collingwood today but to X-country.

BBC said...

I did a post about a wonderful dog we once had.


Sandy said...

Hahahaha..great post and the psychic ..too funny.

There is another dimension you know, where these things are kept until just the right moment to re-introduce them back into your reality. It will be AFTER you put down the big bucks for the new coat. You'll walk in the door and there it is. It happens all the time. There are adventurous little sprites out there that have fun like this.

I lost a bracelet once, a beautiful one my sister bought me. I looked high and low, under furniture, etc. Under the same chair I checked several times, I found it when vacuuming.

They are obnoxious little creatures at times.

enjoyed the post today...hahahaha.


Cheryl said...

I totally can't find my black heels that I need to wear to a wedding next weekend. They're the only ones I own. How could they be missing? I hope you guys find the old coat. Sounds like it was the perfect one.

alicesg said...

Awww, hope your son will get a coat that he like.