Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hey Tim Hortons ... Ammend Your Policies!

Short and sweet ... My son became ill while at school … I picked him up and brought him home … He called into Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop where he works to inform them that he will be unable to go to work after school due to his illness … He called five hours before his shift was to start. They tell him that he has to come in anyways at that time in order to call other staff in order to find a replacement …

Now what the heck is with that!?!?

Where does that Tim Horton’s manager get off making my son go to work sick and do something that she is (or sure as hell should be!) responsible for doing herself? If it wasn’t for my son insisting that I “keep out of it,” I would have a thing or two to say to his manager.

Some people have the gall to do things that most of us would refrain from doing. People like this individual should find jobs that deal with machines and not people. Anyways, Tim Horton’s … You need to either amend your policies or find managers with a little sympathy and consideration! You think you can handle that???

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