Monday, November 06, 2006

My Daughter Says She's "Got It Under Control"

Do you have a teenage daughter like mine who knows everything? You know … the kind of kid who assures you that she knows what she is talking about and that her “old man” needs to back off because she’s “got it under control.” Well if you do happen to be one of these parents, you will know what I am talking about when I tell you what happened last night.

Over the past week, my almost 19 year old daughter who attends a college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been planning to visit a girlfriend at the other end of Toronto. Her plan was to take the subway and a connecting bus. That was fine on the way down to her friends but when she informed me that she would be returning via the same way around midnight, that was a different story all together. For those who live in a large metropolis know what I am talking about. Nobody and I mean NOBODY needs to be travelling the rails and busses at that time of night alone … especially an almost 19 year old female… It is just not safe … as a matter of fact, it is just down right dangerous!

We had finally heard from our daughter around midnight. Picking up the phone, we discovered that she was still in downtown Toronto trying to figure out which bus to take home! So, here we were on the Internet trying to do this for her. So much for our “independent almost 19 year old daughter who knows everything and has everything under control”! When it became apparent to me that she may have missed the last bus out of the Greater Toronto Area, I hopped into my car ready to make the one hour trip to rescue her sorry butt. Fortunately, things finally got straightened out and I didn’t have to make the trip. She got back to her residence safe and I could go to sleep knowing that my little girl would survive yet another day.

Daughters! You just gotta love 'em!

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