Friday, March 02, 2007

Cell Phones and Technology

I never really realized how big my cell phones were when I first bought them! Back in the mid 90s, I purchased my very first cell phone. It amazed me how small it really was. I proudly went everywhere with it. After a couple of years, I decided to upgrade to another cell phone. It wasn’t until I bought my second on did I realize how big my first one was. This second one was miniscule! After two more years I again decided to upgrade once more. It wasn’t until I bought my third one did I realize how large my second cell phone was and how gigantic my first one was. A few years later I again upgraded to my fourth cell phone and by this time my first one looked like it must have weighed 10 lbs! I couldn’t get over how big my third one was. Three years ago, I picked up my fifth and present cell phone and now I really was amazed at how I could have ever carried such cumbersome cell phones all these years. I am surprised that they never came with wheels just like luggage cases! It is now that time again where I have to pick up a sixth cell phone… Well you get the message! I am starting to sound like the Twelve Days of Christmas.

And to think that what we now have in our possession is small… Just wait until next year. It simply amazes me how small and powerful electronics are becoming. Every day things are getting smaller and smaller and even more powerful. I just wonder how small our phones will one day become. Maybe we won’t even have to carry them around in our hands but instead have them implanted into our skulls and simply tap the side of our head to activate them!

As I had just mentioned, I am up for another cell phone. I was looking at the Motorolla Krazer but decided that they were too flimsy and so I shall look around for one that is about the same size but only tougher. Nowadays, every cell phone comes with a video camera, still camera, MP3 player, web browser as well as voice activation. How much more can they fit into them? My only fear that they are going to make them so small that I will simply just lose it!

So, tomorrow I shall be on the lookout for a new phone… Maybe I will just break with tradition and go for a larger one… I don’t think so!

Good to be back!


Cheryl said...

Glad to have you back!

I have one of those phones that do it all: a Samsung SDH-D807. I bought all the extras: a micro SD card, USB cable, etc. Do I use the extras? No. I should use the bluetooth device and use it as a mp3 player. One word of advice: make sure the volume (not the ringer) is loud enough. Mine stinks. Have fun looking.

Anonymous said...

So is this picture of all of your cell phones? Geez, what a pack rat. Where do you keep the wife and kids?

I had a Sprint phone in 1998, I tried to carry it in my back pocket like everything else but it kept pulling my pants down.


Sue said...

Welcome back!

Good luck with your new phone shopping ;-)

Janice Thomson said...

Good to see you again Dave.
I had a cell once but never used it much so have never looked at another but you're right they have sure come a long way!

Em said...

It is incredible how small some of this stuff becomes. And the smaller it gets, the more options and features and so forth. I still have a pretty old cell phone, but you make me want to start shopping for an upgrade!

Peg said...

I have a fairly new cell phone and I'm sure it's part cat as I have dropped it a zillion times, smashed it against a window (by accident - dont' ask) and yesterday it landed in a slushy water puddle. Thank goodness, it survived another possible demise. So my advice to you is find one that will survive someone like me and you'll be just fine. :-)

Becky Wolfe said...

Welcome Back Dave - you were missed!

yes, I have had a few cell phones in my past too but never started off with the mega-phone like you did. Hehe. My first was the first motorola star tac & everyone thought it was the tiniest thing. It wasn't very sturdy so I switched to the nokia like everyone had because you could buy FUN face plates for it (oh ladybugs) A couple phones later I have a HOT PINK motorola razer phone. I love it but it is very THIN and so it often gets lost in the depths of my purse. I honestly hope they don't get any smaller.

I don't really care that they come with cameras & mp3 players. I just want it for the phone. Its complicated enough.

Oh, but I did find a PINK blue tooth ear piece which I use a lot cuz I love to chat & drive *shame I'm sure* At least its hands-free!

Again, welcome back!

Josie said...

Welcome back, Dave. Nice to see you again.

You'll have to show your new phone when you get it tomorrow.

You know, I see folks walking along the street talking to themselves, and on closer look they have a phone hooked over their ear. You can hardly see it.