Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Bottle of Merlot

One Christmas, a couple of years ago I was given a bottle of Merlot by a computer customer of mine in appreciation for my services (computer services of course!) Upon arriving home, I placed this bottle on my computer desk with plans to crack it open soon after Christmas… That was over two years ago! To this day, there it sits in plain view every time I write a blog, play a game or surf the net. It is also in plain view as I pay my bills online and it ceases to amaze me that I haven’t dipped into it during those times when my bills exceed my bank balance! On many occasions I have sworn that I would open it up as soon as I could find myself a corkscrew…and yet, there it stands while daring me to strip off its black hat and rip out its throat to expose what lies inside… pleasure!

So… when am I going to taste the wine within that coloured bottle? Tomorrow maybe? Next week? Next Christmas? Hmmm…I have this feeling that I probably never will open it for if I do, I will have no full bottle in front of me while I am at my computer and then I would feel guilty for defiling such a beautiful thing (okay... enough of the dramatics!) It’s almost as if I am trying to see how long I can keep it for. I know, it makes no sense but my friends say that I rarely ever make sense anyways.

Well, I think I will once more resist the temptation to do what I have chosen not to do in two years and let it sit there in peace. Maybe I will just go upstairs and get myself a glass of white wine from the fridge and then I am sure I will feel much better!

Long live the bottle!


Josie said...

Well, Dave, that merlot will go just perfectly with the beef bourguignon I made for dinner this evening. Hmmmm....

It is a beautiful bottle, but the wine is meant to be enjoyed. It will be so wonderful, you won't feel guilty at all.


Jocelyn said...

Those symbols of hope--or untapped potential--are important. I wonder, though, if you won't open it one day on a whim when a special occasion presents itself...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I'm with you on this. Save it. Just make sure that if you ever open it, it is an occsion befitting such a special bottle. or pass it on to your son as an heirloom with an interesting if quirky story.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave!

According to Toronto Star..."Gord on Grapes" (Gordon Stimmell) the Magnotta Merlot is an exceptional red with smoky black cherry and cedar core...

Apparently the Magnotta Canadian Winery has won more awards than any other winery in North America even!

I was passing through Blogworld and saw your picture and thought..."Oh no..this cannot be happening" :)

"They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while,
then closes
Within a dream..." Ernest Dowson

and...some great music from Three Dog Night..

"couldn't understand a single word he said but he sure had some mighty fine wine....and I helped him drink his wine"

Say, if I was to crack open a bottle of Magnotta Merlot...I would play some music to go with it...and the music I would play would be thus:

(In no particular order :) )

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Homeward Bound

It's a Long Way to the Top
You shook Me all night Long

You Make Loving Fun

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
If You Could Read my Mind

Your My Best Friend
Somebody To Love
We Will Rock You....and lastly..

Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy's version)

I wish you well on your journey with the maybe merlot-maybe not...but remember this...

"The soft extractive note of an aged cork being withdrawn has the true sound of a man opening his heart..."

Have fun Dave :-)


Peg said...

Well Dave, perhaps if I were a little closer, we could crack open that Merlot and drink it quietly as we listen to some good old tunes of Simon and Garfunkel,Bee Gees and of course Lone Star...sounds like a plan to me.

Monika said...

It seems to me, you don't get the before mentioned "pleasure" out of drinking wine (alcohol?), otherwise you would have opened it already.

Janice Thomson said...

I rarely drink but have on occasion had a glass of if you ever get tired of looking at it you could always ship it to BC...on second thought maybe would probably sit here for 2 years or more too :)

Becky Wolfe said...

If it was a bottle of white, it wouldn't have stood a chance on my desk, now a bottle of red, it is a thing of beauty but not something I want to sip with dinner. (think, big red nose with just a few sips)

I had a can of coke in my house that was being saved a special (can't remember the reason) but low & behold, about 2 years later, the coke ate its way thru its own can and ruined the shelf it sat on *snicker* At least red wine won't do that to its bottle.

montidogeo said...

A man who can write with an unopened bottle of wine on his desk is a man in total control. You have my utmost respect.

Though I would have drunk it long ago, as red wine is good for the heart, and we are a long time dead.

Anonymous said...

It will break without you ever having had a taste, and then how will you feel?


Sylvie said...

Welcome back Dave!
Nice to see you back. Hope all is well with you and yours.


CSL said...

Reading htis made me leap out of my chair and pur myself a glass of red wine. The powers of suggestion! I say, drink it for any occassion at all. A gift is meaningless if not enjoyed. But if you are going to hold out for a while, at least turn it on its side so it won't get corked. It would be a pure sin to find yourself someday opening a nice bottle of vinegar.

Dave said...

Hi Josie!... Hey, I got to the airport and you were not there! :-) I hope your meal went well!I had my wine with me!

Hi Jocelyn!...Believe me I will! I have a few days in mind. :-)

Hi LGS!... That's all I need is to hand it over to my son! LOL As I mentioned to Jocelyn, I do have a few special days in mind. Take care!

Hi Annonymous!...Thanks for that background on my wine... Now I KNOW I will have to open it up sooner than planned!

Hi Peg!...Hey...that sounds like a plan! Except forthe Bee Gees! lol Great to hear from you!

Hi Monika! Well, as I mentioned in the post... I got myself a glass of white wine during the writing of the post. I do like wine on occasion. I also enjoy an imported beer from time to time. It is just this particular bottle... Must have some magic on me! :-)

Hi Janice!... Ship it to BC??? You kidding me??? LOL :-) I am going to hide it from everybody! :-)

Hi Becky!...Well Becky, I can't imagine you with a big red nose! LOL My son had the entire star wars Pepsi can collection... One set was empty and the other full. Well, One day I went into the back of his closet and found the full can set not so full anymore! I am surprised that there were no ants!!!

Hi Montidogeo! Control? No! I am just blind in one eye and can't see out the the other! :-)

Hi Proxima!... Hey! Now you have gone and depressed me... Maybe I will just have to super glue it to my table! LOL

Hi Sylvie!... Thanks for your welcome back... all is well. :-)

Hi csl!...You know cls... Thanks for that suggestion... I hadn't even thought of that! It is now on its side... almost fell off the table though!

Hammer said...

That bottle wouldn't last 5 min in my house ;) My curiosity always gets the better of me.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more along the lines of "Carpe Diem!" :>


Anonymous said...

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