Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Was He Thinking?

It often behoves me how people can do the stupidest things known to man. We often hear the question, “What the heck was he thinking!?!” after we witness what a human mind can get a person to do.

At about the age of four or five, I was standing in the laneway of our house on Brunswick Road, watching a man cut down a tree. Now just picture this . . . Here is this man, sitting on a large limb up in the tree and leaning all his weight on the smaller limb that he is about to cut down. You get the picture? Well, at the age of five, I don’t think I did, but the man in the tree should have easily seen the problem with this! Needless to say, his back will never be the same again.

Now this wasn’t some small branch he was cutting; it was a fair size of about eight to ten inches in diameter. One would have thought that the considerable time it would have taken to cut through this bloody thing would have been more than enough time to figure out that this was not the best way to tackle this job.

So here I was in awe of this man as he tackled such a challenging task at hand. I heard the crack at the end of the cut and witnessed my first experience of watching a man, or anyone for that matter, doing a nose dive into solid pavement! Now I know for a fact that his flight into the ground was a hell of a lot quicker that the time it took to cut through the branch but I have no doubt he realized his mistake well before he hit the ground!

I don’t remember what became of this man. It is as if everything that happened after the nose dive was hidden from my memory. I am told there are reasons why this happens but as to why the aftermath of the fall is no longer apparent to me, I can only assume that that man took the fall pretty hard.

I suppose that the mind has the ability to protect us from tragedies as well as memories of them. During that experience, my mind protected me, the mind of the man in the tree didn’t!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

What the heck was he thinking, indeed. He was probably thinking of something else. Maybe an arguement he had with someone earlier. He was thinking "Take that!" as he sawed the branch. The tree was probably thinking, "Surprise!".

Jazz said...

I get a distinct sense of déjà vu reading this post... weird.

Janice Thomson said...

It is indeed interesting Dave how the mind works...especially with children but I am unable to say more as I am still laughing at LGS' comment :)

Becky Wolfe said...

hehe - Good visual story. I saw the whole thing unfold (and laughed out loud) Poor bugger!