Thursday, October 19, 2006


To some people, dreams, a string of images and emotions that occur in the brain during REM 2 sleep are more common than we imagine. Others swear that they foretell the future or that they are a direct result of what has already happened in the past. I have never really given much thought to dreams as I seem to forget most of them. Now how do I then even know I dream if I cannot remember them in the first place? Well, scientists say we all dream ... so you tell me! Well, last night was an exception! I had at least four dreams. Four dreams! And I remembered them all.

As I recall them this morning, I am in somewhat of a quandary. Assuming that they either foretell the future or are a direct result of my past experiences, I would have to wonder what my dreams from last night were really telling me. Hmmm ... I won't bore you by expounding on my dreams or trying to interpret them for you but suffice it to say that the thread that weaved them all together was that, in each of my dreams, people were either flippin’ irate with me or extremely disappointed in me. Now how the heck do I deal with that!

Anyways, last night is over and in no time the dreams of people's wrath and disappointment will dissolve out of my memory. I can only hope that, with this new day's experiences, tonight will reward me with dreams of people being happy with me.

Dream on!

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