Friday, October 27, 2006

Toronto Maple Leafs' Dedicated Fans

On any given day of the week, you can find, somewhere in the world, a stadium full of fanaticals. These individuals, more commonly known simply as fans, will drop down twenty, thirty, forty or more dollars just for the opportunity to yell, scream and cheer on the home town favorites. The word "fanatical" which is derived from the Latin word fānāticus means "A person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity."

Now, how fanatical can some fans get? Now please keep in mind that we are not speaking about wild and uncontrollable people who assault players or referees or who brawl throughout the stadiums. We are talking about true sports fanatics. To me, the most cherished fans that a team could have are the loyal fans ... the fans who are at their team's side through thick as well as thin. They are the fans who cheer on the team's wins as well as losses, poor coaches as well as good coaches. These are the fans who are behind their team no matter what type of season they are having. These are the true fans.

Back in 1967, the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL) won the Stanley Cup. They have not won the championship since then. Next year will mark 40 years without Lord Stanley's crowning. Since and even before 1967, the Toronto Maple Leafs have played every home game to a sold out crowd at the Maple Leaf Gardens and the Air Canada Centre. These Leafs fans have stood by their team's side through thin, thin, thin and more thin! They cheer, they holler, they dress ... they just everything for their Maple Leafs! Now that's what I call dedication and loyalty! No where in the world will you find such fan support ... nowhere!

I do not believe that we will ever find this sort of dedication. Leafs fans, congratulations on your loyalty displayed over the last forty years! Your time will come when you can cheer and holler down Yonge Street while the Stanley Cup is paraded for all to see!

"He shoots! He scores!"

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