Friday, October 20, 2006

Go Figure!

I fnid it smlpiy azainmg waht the mnid can do! I revieced an eimal the ohetr day taht I wluod hvae msiesd had I not ckecehd in my jnuk mial fodler. Irnaicloly, the propuse of a jnuk mial felodr is to detele the … you gesuesd it ….. jnuk mial and yet I sltil feel the need to go trgohuh and chcek to see waht I have had trhwon in the jnuk mial fodler. Srot of lkie gonig trghouh my tarsh can the enevnig berfoe grabgae day.

Well, tdoay was my lkcuy day as I fonud an eamil wchih I funod qiute inreetsting to raed. Mbaye one day I will be as lkucy the enenvig bfoere the tasrh geos out!

Now the conentt of the eamil is sowehmat irelervnat but the way it was persneted was waht ingritued me the msot. Epcext for the frist and lsat lteter of ecah wrod, all the ohter letetrs of the wrods in the bdoy of the eamil were jmbuled. To my aazememnt, hwoever, I culod raed the cnotnet qiute eialsy.

It semes taht it deos not mttaer waht odrer the lteters are in as lnog as the frist and lsat lteters are in the corcret palce. If tihs is the csae, you sohuld not hvae a polberm udernsatnidng what you are rendiag. I gesus it is bacuese our mnids do not raed each and eevry ltteer on its own but isetand raeds the wrods as a whloe.

Now tihs is no dubot good nwes to the wrlod of poor sleleprs but bad nwes for cmopaines lkie Mcrosfoit who will hvae to now cmoe up wtih selpl cekhercs taht mkae srue we hvae the rghit leetrts in the wrods!

Go figure!

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