Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Eyes Have It!

They say that our retinas are unique and, like fingerprints, no one else in the world have eyes identical to ours. Now that's quite an assumption considering that this statement has not been proven! I suppose, however, that until someone out there comes to me with an identical set of my eyes, I will have to assume that whoever "they" are is correct.
On second thought, for you all who are "up" on technology, you have more than likely heard of retinal scans. 2001 Space Odyssey, Star Trek plus many other sci-fi movies had them. Now, and actually since the 1930's, it has also been a reality. So maybe no one in the world has eyes identical to mine. Hmm.

Apart from the "biologicalness" of the eyes, there is a component that we are aware of every time we look somebody in the eyes. Eyes display emotion. Eyes display sincerity. Eyes display trust. I rely heavily on a person's eyes when I first meet them. Within moments I decide on whether I should trust them or even interact with them. For me, it is the eyes that have it.

This survival tactic however is ineffective when I am talking to a person with sunglasses on. What do I do then? Do I ask this individual to submit to having them removed from their face (their glasses that is!) so I can determine their trust value? I would certainly hope not! This "eye thing" is also ineffective when meeting someone over the Net. Now that I think about it, what about visually disabled individuals? Should they be discriminated against by me simply because I am unable to submit them to my eye test? I should most certainly hope not!

It is quite obvious that I now do have a problem! My method of deciding who to trust is most definitely flawed and that's not good since now I really don't know who to trust! I think though that regardless of what people believe or don't believe about the eyes, we can all say that our eyes are not only unique from a technological or biological perspective but most importantly they are a window to one's soul (at least I think so!) but that topic is for another day.

So, as far as I am concerned, regardless of all the conflicting positions in my mind . . . The eyes still have it!

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