Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Definition of "Scrambled"

Bcak in Oeocbtr, I sutimbted a psot teiltd “Go Frugie!” If you had raed taht psot, you wulod hvae dseociervd taht you cloud qitue esaliy raed my psot dpsteie the fcat taht ervey ltteer bteeewn the fsrit and lsat ltteer of ecah wrod wree srlmbecad.

Wlel, snice I had scuh a good tmie in cnairetg taht paairucltr psot, I dedecid to simubt a sailimr psot aagin. Anywyas, I hvae been snititg hree for awhlie now tyirng to fuigre out waht to wtrie abuot but I hvae cmoe up sorht. I am triyng to tnihk of a tiopc taht has soithemng to do wtih the wrod “scamblre” sncie it wuold olny mkae ssnee becsuae why esle wluod I salcbmre the lettres tohgurouht the psot? I tguohht aobut wtinirg auobt how dgrus colud slcbarme yuor brian but tehn I tghuhot taht msot of you sulohd aealdry konw taht by now and it wloud be ptlsineos to wirte aubot a tpioc taht did not alppy to the reehsairdp. I tehn freguid taht I wulod witre aobut the ipctamorne of wnraeig a bkie hlemet so you wuldon’t srlcmbae yuor brian wehn you flel off yuor bkie but tehn I firuged taht scine you are an adlut and hvae yet to be in the hiabt of wrianeg one, no mttaer waht I sgugset, you wolud not waer one anyayws.

So, froegt abuot setfay iuesss… Let’s mvoe on to cioonkg. I colud taceh you how to proreply smraclbe an egg or eevn mkae scbmraled eggs for taht maettr but I am the last psoren who sohuld be theicang you taht sicne I don’t hvae and neevr wlil konw the prpeor mohted to scrlbame an egg eevn if I ndeeed it to svae my lfie.

So… Waht can I witre auobt taht has to do wtih the wrod “samclbre?” I tehn wnet itno Ggoloe and leookd for dtiinneiofs of the wrod “sacrlmbe”… Hree are a few.

“To sitr vliorougsy” – Now tihs is the fisrt dneitoiifn I raed and I thnik it safe to ausmse taht we arelday coeervd tihs otipon and chsoe not to use it. The nxet defniitoin was “To mvoe hdeurliry.” Now tihs one oepned a wlohe new laod of piiosbesiitls!

I sudednly cmae up with sapeking to you aobut how to prlrpoey smbcrlae if you wree brnkaieg and eirnteng a srtoe and the aralm wnet off but tehn I wolud be iiymlpng taht you wloud csiodner scuh a paitrcse. In dnoig so, I wluod be oinndeffg all of you. I mhigt be albe to wirte to you abuot smcabirlng atefr a scecor blal but why wloud you be irneetsetd in taht?

Oaky, myabe I suohld slipmy tlak to you aoubt the mian diitonfien of the wrod sarlmcbe scnie I hvae alradey oaevestryd my tmie on tihs psot tadoy.

To mkae uiglnleinitlbe – ie “slrmcabe the mgesase so taht noodby can utnersndad it”

Oaky, isn’t taht waht I hvae dnoe? Semrlbacd tihs maegsse? Oaky… But aiordnccg to the dcortiniay, it ieimlps taht by sircmabnlg tihs megssae, ndoboy can untdrnsaed it…. Hmmmm. Smthnioeg wnorg hree!

I tinhk taht I wlil gvie up wlhie I am aehad!


Becky Wolfe said...

Ack! I read that before my first sip of coffee! Now my brain feels scrambled and I'm not sure if I feel like scrambled eggs for breakfast or if I should safely ride my bike with my helmet on to work. hehe Interesting how our brain works eh!

Cheryl said...

Whew, That was hard to read. Seems like it might have been good mental exercise for you, though :).

I'm not a good egg scrambler, but I make a mean omelet!

Hammer said...

I can read it but it makes me sea sick lol

Jazz said...

Ack! I don't have the energy to attack this this morning! Will return. Off to get a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it. You made my internal Editor cry.

CSL said...

Nope, just can't stick with it. This is as bad as the post I recently read in pig latin.

Janice Thomson said...

Loved this Dave as it brought back memories of a couple art projects I had to do where you painted or sketched just the barest minimum and how easily the eyes and brain filled in the rest even though it wasn't there. Our eyes and brains are amazing tools as you have so adequately shown by this post. I never know what I will be reading when I reach here but I can always be sure it will be good!

Ruth said...

Hummm, I seemed to be able to read it all without a problem, I guess it proves something IS wrong with my Oh Dear!!!!

Josie said...

Adve, my haed hrtus, but waht a gerat tpioc to do a psot aubot. Did you konw taht not eyvernoe can raed lkie taht?


Dave said...

Hi Becky!... Yes, I agree... It really is interesting how the brain works!

Hey there Cheryl!... Omlets are even harder for me! The post was way beyond mental exercise... It was more like mental torture!

Hi Hammer! >>> Maybe we can get you some gravol!

Hi Jazz! ... I can always give you the "English version" if interested! :-)

Hi Proxima!... Yoyrs and mine both!

Hi csl!... Pig latin eh? I haven't spoken that in years! :-)

Hi Janice! I see you have taken on your last name! :-)
I agree when you speak of the brain taking over to fill in the rest... It's simply amazing!

Hi Ruth.... Naw... I'm sure your brain is just fine!

Hi Josie! I'm not sure but I think your keyboard is all messed up! Your letters are all scrambled!! People who can't read this... I suppose that makes sense since there are people who are illiterate to regular English... Good point. :-)