Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Daughter Has a New Boyfriend!

My daughter has a new boyfriend! Now that is not to say that he is her first because it is not... It is just that he is probably the first that I kind of like. Now that "kind of" is not to mean that I kind of not like him either, it is just that I have yet to decide either way. The jury is still out.

When comparing him to her past boyfriends, I must admit that he is certainly one of the more intelligent ones. My past experience with her past "suitors" have not been very encouraging. One by the name of J.D. had the personality of a sponge. Everything you said to him just got absorbed as he never ever responded to anything I said other than "yes" or "no." I never saw him laugh or even smile. Another one of her boyfriends, whose name I can not remember, is someone I don't even want to remember. Am I ever glad she dumped him! Another one of her boyfriends had definite anger problems and it wasn't too long that they parted ways... Thank you Lord!

Along comes Brad.... Brad is 22 years old. Though he is not at the same college as my daughter, he is in the same type of program. They both plan on becoming film producers. The one thing that impresses me about Brad is that he can not only carry on a conversation, but he can also carry an intelligent one! Now, dealing with youth and young adults on a regular basis, I consider the ability to converse intelligently with them something of a phenomenon! Also, Brad appears to be mature.

So, I met Brad for the first time today. He is spending a couple of days with us and hopefully I will behave and not scare the poor guy away!

Time will tell!


Josie said...

Now, Dave, this one sounds like a keeper, so you behave yourself, okay? And do keep us posted.

I just had a look at the ice storm pictures. Holy smoke!


HeiressChild said...

reminds me of when i was growing up. my dad didn't like anyone i brought home. looking back, i can understand why. parents only want the best for their children.

Becky Wolfe said...

Good luck behaving. My dad was always the quiet in-the-background type when it came to me bringing boys home. It was my mom that usually formed the opinions!

Jazz said...

LOL... ah the joys of parenthood.

Now behave yourself or she'll stop bringing them home.

Janice Thomson said...

Fathers often wonder what the heck their daughters see in some of their suitors...It's nice to see a Dad with an open mind--even if there might be a pellet gun hidden behind the door LOL
Love this post Dave and like Josie says do keep us abreast of the latest!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Behave,Dave, behave. I hope all will have a wonderful couple of days. However, may I remind you to apply josie's psycopath test. Haha.

Em said...

It is always a challenge to find redeeming qualities in the girls my son dates. Not that they are bad. He chooses nice people. They just seem to be...bland.

Good luck on this guy...an intelligent and mature person is a good find!

Tai said...

Wow, he's staying with you?
My dad would have NEVER let that happen. Ever.
You sound like a good dad.

Anonymous said...

My dad's a quiet man to outsiders. I would watch my boyfriends talk him up in an effort to impress him. That's when I would realize how unintelligent they really were.

When my husband (then boyfriend) and dad met they sat at the dining room table smiling like two bobble heads not saying a word. Later my dad says to me "I really like this guy."


Becky Wolfe said...

Proxima - I love it. My husband & dad have lots in common now too ie they both love a good nap after dinner. heheh

CSL said...

This is still ahead for me. So far, my son has had one "girlfriend," last year at 12!, and this involved some handholding and gifts at Christmas and Valentine's Day. Not sure I'm prepared for anything more.

Beth said...

aww, come on! Scre him a little! Get out yout shot gun and clean it, or practice throwing darts at his head or something ......a little blood shed never hurt no body!

Dave said...

Hi Josie!... Well I hope he is a keeper though with my daughter's schooling and profession... WHo knows!

Hi Heiresschild! My dad never liked my girlfriends neither! Oh Well! LOL

Hi Becky... Good luck behaving? I need more than luck! LOL

Hi Jazz! I know! I know! LOL :-)

Hi Janice! Well, for a change, I can see what she sees in him.

Hi LGS! ... josie's psycopath test... Now there's a great idea! LOL

Hi em!... Bland... now that you mention it... That was how all her other boyfriends were!

Hi tai!... You and me both! If I ever suggested it to my parents... I shudder to think about it! lol

Hi Proxima... This guy is the most intelligent yet! Time will tell! :-)

Hi csl ... 12 years old... Just wait until she is 15!! LOL

Hi Beth!... If I scared him, my daughter would crusify me! LOL