Thursday, February 22, 2007

My iMac Computer Is Now Operational!

Well, I have actually fixed my iMac G4! On January 29th, I submitted a post talking about that G4 I was given. The only problem was that it did not work. Now being a PC user for all of my computer life, I had absolutely no experience working on iMac computers. In my January 29th posting titled My New/Used iMac G4 , I announced to the blogging world that I intended to fix my broken down G4 by the end of February. On February 10th, I reported the following in my post entitled My Computer Graveyard

“I just recently acquired one of these. It does not work and so I have to fix it. I set a goal of getting it fixed by the end of February... It does not look like I am going to meet that goal. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!”

By this point, I had essentially given up trying to fix it. I tried replacing the hard drive, I bought an original apple keyboard, and I even replaced the cables. Nothing I did got the computer up and running! Shortly after, I moved the G4 off to another table and soon gave it little or no thought.

…Until, I thought about experimenting. I noticed that the G4s used PC100 RAM (Random Access Memory) just like PCs did. Having a few extra sticks of the stuff, I replaced the RAM and guess what? It worked! Since then, I have installed the Operating System as well as other key pieces of software.

I now have a workable iMac computer!


Em said...

Congratulations! I've got that very G4 tower humming along just fine here at home. We've replaced the CD drive. And I just ordered a new monitor. But the computer is a workhorse. Five people in the house and I bet it has not been turned off more than a dozen times since we bought it almost 7 years ago!

Janice Thomson said...

Looks pretty snazzy Dave! Do let us know how you like it as compared to a PC.

HeiressChild said...

very unique looking.

Becky Wolfe said...

Congratulations! Sometimes 'guess & test' is the way to go. Looks like a beauty!

abbagirl74 said...

I briefly had computer problems as well. Hard to deal with, isn't it?

Cheryl said...

You didn't quit, and the answer came to you. Very good! Now, do you have a need for another computer? Do you like this better than what you already have? What will you do?