Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Microfilm Bible ... Found!

If you had read my December 09, 2006 post regarding my flooded basement, you would remember about me mentioning that I had found two items I had lost while cleaning up the mess. The first being my cell phone case and the other I had not identified but said that I would report on it at a later date. Well … now is that later date!

Back in the mid seventies, my father had given me a copy of the Holy Bible. Now, this was no ordinary copy as it was printed in a 5cm square (2 square inches for our metric challenged friends!) piece of hard plastic microfiche. As you can see from the photo, this is an extremely small Bible. I have been told that American astronaut Ed Mitchel carried it to the moon on Apollo 14. It is also reported that Israeli astronaut air force Col. Ilan Ramon took a copy of it up on the space shuttle Columbia during its final and fateful mission.

According to the microfiche, there are 1245 pages in this particular King James Version. Now I am not sure as to the purpose of this copy of the Bible since its small size is of no advantage at all since, in order to read it, you would have to carry a microscope larger and heavier than a regular Bible which would defeat the purpose of carrying such a small Bible in the first place. I suppose, however, that you could carry the microfiche from point “A” to point “B” as long as you have a microscope at one of those points. I was told that copies of this mini Bible were often smuggled into communist countries towards the end of the cold war.

Anyways, back to my personal story … By the early eighties, I had lost my copy of this Bible and spent many an hour looking for it. It finally got to the point where I gave up looking for it and, over time, forgot all about it … until, 25 years later, when I was in the process of throwing out “flood water files” that were stored in cardboard boxes under the basement stairs. Well the rest is history … the missing Bible which was lost was now found! In some sort of way, I am glad that the flood occurred (well… maybe that is a bit of a stretch but you get the idea) since had I not had a reason to clean up the water, I would not have found it.

I suppose that the point to this report is that it always feels good to find something that has been lost and so, despite the crisis of the flood, it did bring some good to my day. It often seems that no matter how rough a day you can have, there is always something good that could come out of it … Just trying to remain positive I suppose!


monsoon-dreams said...

wow!glad that u found the lost sheep,ur bible has come back:-)

DominusVobiscum said...

How awesome! I, too, found my microfilm Bible after many years stored away in my closet. I obtained mine through the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), back in the early 1990's. Of course I had to send them a "love gift", in which I proudly did so. Well worth it! I think these little things will be a cherished keep-sake to show our children, grand-children, etc. I'm not sure of its cash value, but its spiritual value is what matters to me, and I intend to hold on to it no matter. Thanks for posting your story!

JediMstrKris said...

The reason and purpose of these Bibles is quiet obvious actually. It is meant for people, such as astronauts or military personal. They can carry this in their pocket and carry the word of God with them where ever they go.

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