Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Unexpected Visitor (Conclusion)

In yesterday's report, I had just found out that I had been conned into paying for that elderly lady's breakfast...

Okay… okay… Now what the heck am I going to do??

Upon quickly explaining to the manager about how this lady just conned me, all three of us exited the restaurant in search of the con. Feeling absolutely foolish and angry at myself, I sincerely hoped that we would find her so that I could really tell her what I thought of her shenanigans.

Surprisingly, in the parking lot, we found her sitting in her car staring off into space as if she was in a trance. Standing in front of the car, I proceeded to show my annoyance at her. I don’t know why I stood in front of the car because if she had wanted to, she could have driven right over me but none the less, I had no intention of paying that bill.

She did not respond but continued to stare out towards the horizon. After a futile exercise of gesticulating, the manager tried to open the front passenger side door; it was locked. Okay, round two … I swung around to the front driver’s side door and, noticing it unlocked, I swung my hand towards the door handle, grasped it, wrenched it open, grabbed the old lady’s leg and pulled …

Just like I am pulling yours!

Okay, relax please … ‘Don’t be hating me’ for this story. I just wanted to provide to you the experience of how I felt after hearing this account of one's experiences. Throughout this account, he had me chomping at the bit to find out what happened in the end. I was sitting on the very edge of my seat, waiting, with bated breath, for every word that came out of his mouth. Words such a “wow!,” “no way!,” “unbelievable!” and “you gotta be kidding!” spewed out of my mouth in unison to the words from his account. By the end of the story, my heart was beating faster than it was before hearing of the account but as I found out that he was “pulling my leg,” I was ready to pulverize him (not really ... I did laugh it off later on.) Though I felt a little foolish for being so gullible, I had to laugh at such an ingenious story. I had been told this story over 25 years ago and still, to this day, I have not forgotten it. I think it will always be a favorite of mine. So, in the future, please don't disbelieve evrything else I tell you. I promise I will not do this to you again... ever!

There is one positive note however ... look at it in this light… At least you can sit there with no one around. He got to have the last laugh with me right in front of him getting to watch my expression!

I’ll get him back someday… It’s just a matter of time! Stay tuned!


Le Nightowl said...

Ha, you have a knack for suspense :)
I loved your conclusion.

Dave said...

Thanks Marie! I was hoping you didn't want to do to me what I wanted to do to my buddy for leading me along! LOL

Le Nightowl said...

I thought the second part was a bit "too" obvious, but I must admit the punchline was worth the wait :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Okay, I am so gullible. I swallowed all the baloney up amd was so caught up in it that I had to read your final post 3 times before it sank in. I may be sitting alone here but there's still egg on my face (which seems like a natural place for eggs with me). Well done. I agree with Marie that you built up the suspense and kept your indignation very real.

Dave said...

Hey, don't worry about the egg, just feel free to tell some one else the story and the egg will then be on THEIR FACE! :-) Thanks for the compliments Marie and Lone Grey Squirrel!