Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Unexpected Visitor (Part Two)

So … Yesterday we finished off where the grieving mother asked me to say “goodbye” to her as she exited the restaurant.

Upon this request, I was stunned! Who, in their right mind would ask such an outrageous request? Now, as far as I was concerned, was way beyond the limit of reasonable. Looking up at her, I prepared to tear a strip off her and lecture her on the appropriateness of such a request but as I looked up at her face, and noticing the desperation in her eyes, I relented and agreed to comply to her request.

I watched as she made her way across the restaurant floor and towards the cash register. Just as the cashier approached, the elderly lady turned towards me, smiled and waved. In return, I called across the restaurant

“Goodbye Mom, I love you!”

At this, it seemed like the entire patron population turned to witness this guy yelling across the floor to his “mother.” It wasn’t until I looked around that I felt like the fool that I was and rightly so. I felt foolish and acted foolish. Sensing the way I felt and annoyed at it, my friend assured me that I did the right thing and that, if it made an old lady feel good then, I have nothing to feel embarrassed about.

At that, the old lady waved once more, said a few words to the cashier and exited the scene.

By this point, with all that happened, I had lost my appetite and decided to just sit and wait for my friend to finish. Sensing the way I felt, she too decided to call it a morning. Asking for and receiving the bill, I went up to the front to pay it.

“That will be $24.50 please.” The cashier said.

Whoa! This was too much! Upon questioning her about the amount of the bill, it was then and there I had learned that not all in life was what it appeared to be. This elderly lady may have been elderly but she probably was not a grieving mother.

“Your mother told me that you, her son, was going to be paying for her bill.”

... So, can you see where this is going? Well, stay tuned for the conclusion tomorrow.

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Le Nightowl said...

Somehow I felt this was coming...
A hard lesson learned: never judge a book by its cover :)
You must grant that she was a convincing actress.