Thursday, December 14, 2006

Summers in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Port Dover (N 42 46.933, W 080 12.073). In 1943, my wife’s family built a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie in Port Dover. Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes that run along the U.S.A.-Canada border and are considered largest group of fresh water lakes on Earth. Lake Erie is the smallest of the five.

Ever since the cottage was built, her family has vacationed there every year. Five generations have spent quality time in this cottage and, without a doubt, many more generations will continue to do so. It is here that family members from around Ontario, Canada gather to share family holidays and family experiences. We have seen our children grow up on its sandy shores as well as miss the company of those who passed away during the cold winter months during the off season. The memories of this cottage will always be a tie that binds the family together.

I have come to love this quaint little town of Port Dover. It has been a town since 1835 though a settlement existed there around 1794 but was later razed to the ground by the Americans during the war of 1812. Small shops are scattered throughout the town as well as various venues of entertainment. The Arbor hotdog stand has been a favorite eating place for many Ontarians for well over 80 years as well as the best place to pick up a drink called the “golden glow.” If you are interested in viewing the beauty of this town, check out the following web site for some nice photos of this beautiful Canadian location.

My favourite place to spend time there is on the lighthouse pier. Every morning, while at the cottage, I get up early, make my way down to the coffee shop for a coffee, pick up a newspaper at the nearby newspaper stand and head off to the pier to start the day off by myself. I have found that this is the best way to start my day… an opportunity to sort out things in my mind while relaxing. At night, I return to the pier and stay there until I am the last one there. So, the pier at Port Dover starts my day as well as finishes it!

I could say so much more about Port Dover but I think that everything could be summed up in the following statement found on their official web site…

“Beaches and boardwalks, sunshine and sandals, famous hotdogs and fresh perch, fancy yachts and fishing tugs, summer theatre and waterfront pubs, fresh hand-cut fries and ice creams ... all waiting for you here, in Port Dover! "


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

*sigh* It looks great. What a lovely place to build memories?

Le Nightowl said...

I can well imagine this family cottage, and all the holiday memories lingering in the family collective memory.
I checked out the website, the pictures make the place so inviting.
There is definitely something about lighthouses that inspire meditation.

cyberray said...

enjoyed looking at your pictures