Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where's Your Romantic Spirit?!?

I can’t believe how many cynics are out there! Man alive! I have just spent the last couple of hours reading blogs from people who think that Valentine’s Day is nothing but a sham… a way to extort money out of you… A means by which flower companies shrink your financial worth while there product grows. What’s with you guys (and gals!)??? Aw c’mon! How could you ever think such a thing!?!?

Here are some of the words that have rolled across my screen as I poured over my favorite blogs:

“But if you’re into it, more power to you, and remember: Nothing says I love you like saturated fat and slutty lingerie.”

"Today is Valentine's Day, the day for lovers, the day where you're supposed to send a sappy card, pay 3x the price for a dozen of roses that have no scent whatsoever, buy chocolates or cheesy lingerie (red thong covered with hearts... yes, very thoughtful) and if you're really in the money, take her to dinner."

"I have to say right off the top that I don't believe in Valentine's Day… Valentines Day, above all other days of the year, has the potential to make you feel like a million dollars or the most worthless piece of dog doo on this earth."

… And these were just for starters! (I do want to make mention however, that I am in no way Criticizing any of the fine bloggers who I have just quoted as this is just a fun blog with absolutely no malice intended so please don't be hatin' me.)

Man alive! Here I was looking forward to reading some thoughts all about love and then I go and read this?? Here I was looking forward to swimming in the waft of romance only to find out that I have to drown myself in a lake of Zoloft??

C’mon folks! Where is your romance…? Live a little! Even if it is only for one day in a year! Live a little!

Well, please don’t lynch me from your non-required blog reading okay? I just wanted to be happy today! Now look at me… I love lingerie (not me wearing it of course!) and I love what chocolates might be able to get you on Valentine’s Day (other than overweight!) and I love sending roses (especially the short stemmed ones on sale!) and what’s wrong with those red thongs anyways! The hearts on them only tell someone that they love you! C’mon… get with it!

Well, if you aren’t going to follow me on this wave (though small it may be!) of Valentine’s Day excitement, I am going to go it alone by posting very romantic video honouring lovers all over the world! This video truly depicts the true meaning of love and romance! (GULP!)

I would like to thank Lone Grey Squirrel for inspiring me to choose this truly inspirational video!


A Happy Downtowner said...

Dave... you're so right... Valentine's Day is a romantic holiday, full of love and excitement. I just wish it wasn't commercialized the way it is, it's too much!

I loved your blog today. Good for you to stand up for who you are. I may not share all of it but I liked it and I would never, ever lynch you for saying what you say, just as I would not expect anyone to lynch me for what I say.

Now I'm going to go home and hope the cat has left me a little red card on my pillow, I hope she found hers :)

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

lol, Dave - barmy video. Don't think Brits make quite as much of Valentines day as they once did, but hope you've had a pleasant one....

Gypsy said...

Guilty as charged! My point was that you shouldn't celebrate your love for one day of the year and then go back to ignoring the "one you love" for the other 364 days. Valentines Day can actually be very painful for a lot of people but that's just my opinion.

heiresschild said...

Dave, this was cute and truly romantic--in a frog-and-pig-romantic kind of way. LOL

i'm glad LGS inspired you also. this was a good post and so was his.


Cheryl said...

I love this holiday, and it's not because there's any romance in my life. Maybe I like it better because I am single. No pressure. Happy Day to you!

Wanda said...

Good post today Dave!!! I'm with's personal, it doen't have to be commerialized.

Between me and my honey, we'll have a great Valentin's Day...In fact we alreay are!!!

LOL Wanda

Seemu said...

On Valentines Day instead of showering expensive gifts, shower your loved one with something more precious... LOVE. Nothing is more valuable than that. Only people who miss it will know the true value!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for the kind nod in my direction. I am shocked though.....or seriously out of touch! When did this frog/pig marriage occur? I thought Kermit was still a bachelor frog.

Jazz said...

I loved this - and thanks for quoting me.

Still, I'll take my romance all the rest of the year and pass on Vday.

C in DC said...

I think that those who rant about conforming to the commercialization of Valentine's day have bought into that commercialization. The day is about doing something special with or for your sweetheart. I've been heartily sick of the jewelry commercials for a month now, but they didn't make me want to run out and buy anything. Set your own expectations and enjoy the day.

Hubby and I spent a lowkey dinner having Pho. It was just the two of us, and it was great.

Akelamalu said...

I'm a soppy romantic - I love it!

Portia said...

It is what you make it, right?

Nice video, really embodies the meaning of the day:)