Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yesterday I Was In the Hospital

Well I never imagined that as I went to bed Thursday night that I would find myself in the hospital 16 hours later. I woke up Friday morning and immediately felt a fluttering in my chest. It sort of caught me by surprise and as the day went on, it did not disappear. My blood pressure was also higher than usual and my heart rate a lot faster than it should be. I went to my doctor’s and he sent me to a specialist in the hospital. They hooked me up to a heart monitor where I stayed hooked up until around 9:30pm. They finally released me after my blood pressure decreased and my heart rate slowed down. They sent me packing with a couple of new prescriptions to add to my already increasing repertoire of meds.

I was neither happy nor impressed. “Old age” is really starting to tick me off! I am only 47 years old and I am already on a ton of meds. When is it going to end? I now have meds for my heart rate, meds for my blood pressure plus a multitude of meds for other things as well. Sheesh! I feel like a walking medicine cabinet!

I got home around 10pm. I hadn’t eaten all day, I was hungry and dehydrated. My blood pressure was probably much lower than it should be since they pumped me with all types of meds. I was very tired. After running up and down the stairs a number of times in order to accomplish a few things I wanted to do before I got to bed, I almost passed out and finally flaked out on the couch where I remained there until this morning. I had already experienced “almost passing out” a number of years ago and, believe me, it’s not a good feeling!

And so now I have to worry about an irregular heart beat. It seems now that the only good beat I have is not going to work and banging on the drum all day! Speaking about not going to work… This Monday is a new holiday called “Family Day.” It seems that the provincial government has instituted a holiday in February to combat the doldrums of winter. Well… They sure got my vote on that one. I suppose this extra day off is also an opportunity for me to get a good rest.

So here I sit all depressed with the state of my health. I suppose that there is a positive side to all of this. I could have had a stroke instead of this little warning. The docs say that this condition is not genetic and could occur simply in anybody and has nothing to do with lifestyle. Well, if improved health means taking a few extra meds then so be it.

So there you go! That is how I spent the last 24 hours of my life.


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Dave - know the feeling. Spouse was surprised to find how many people we know lead normal lives on blood pressure meds when he needed them.

I'm moving onto a phytoestrogen diet (veg, fruit, oily fish and pulses, that sort of stuff )- helps with a lot of areas; and doing counselling training (church based) gives a good mental approach, better than stressing out!

Josie said...

Dave...! Omigosh! In addition to the medications, did they give you some lifestyle changes you should make, i.e., diet or exercise? Have you been under any stress?

Please take care of yourself, and keep us posted!

Bobbie said...

My hubby had an episode of a very irregular, very fast heartbeat 13 years ago, and they had to shock his heart to get it back to a normal rhythem. He was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and has been taking medication since. It was very scary at the time.

Take care of yourself. At 47, you're a youngster compared to me!

Hammer said...

Yikes, Sorry you're going through that. Do they know what the problem is?

monsoon-dreams said...

dave dear,
so sad to hear about ur state of health.i hope and pray that u are better now.cheer up,life is not supposed to be spent keep u in my prayers.

KOSTAS said...

I read post your and filled emotion!
Today I am 55 years.
In 1999 I made fish gun, and in-depth 18 metres, I suffered problem with my heart.
Him I did not put however under, made all the examinations, and my doctor she recommended I make the method with the balloon in the vein that had stenosis!
I take daily the medicines that my recommended my doctor, makes each 6 months my examinations and is without problem!
Today I am pensioner, I deal with the apiculture (I have above 200 beehives), with the photograph, the summertimes I make also fish gun, also I have certain small farma!
All well, no problem, you will make all your examinations, you will take the directives of doctors and the life it is continued.
It should not you have stress, for nothing, above all your life, and your family.
That existed warning, this means that you have robust organism, but also the God you it loves! Simply to us it struck the small bell us it arouses!
Make courage you are very new still think ugly things.
I will be glad too much some time to us you say that you are finally all right!
Your I wish it is not serious problem!

Greeneyes said...

First I would like to say I love the valentines video and valentines in General (PAST POSTS),,nice to read your post on it and the one of your son and the Valentines dinner ,so sweet !!!!!!!!!!!

Now , I am sorry to hear you spent the day in the Hospital , thats awful ! and having to take all the meds , well I guess there is no choice in it , but it can be a pain , but a necessary one.
You had flutters and did not go in to see about it right away ,you are lucky nothing worse came around ,next time do not pass go ,etc,LOL, just go , sound bossy , sorry , just wouldnt want anything to happen to you! Get some rest YOUNG MAN! TEE HEE !
Hope you are all better soon .
Take CARE .


Wanda said...

Dave, glad you are OK. I know about hearts. I live with a man who had 5 bypasses 12 years ago, a stent 5 years ago, and a pace maker 2 years ago...And he's still "tickin".

Listen to your doctor. Eat right, exercise and take those meds, cause all us bloggers know you have a "good" heart!!!
LOL :) Wanda

Gudl said...

That must have been scary.
Yeah, you never know... I am glad you are home again.

Portia said...

Gosh that stinks. I'm glad you're alright now. I can't believe the hospital didn't feed you! Do take care of yourself.

Cheryl said...

I'm sorry you're going through this. Getting older leaves a lot to be desired. Will you have a follow-up with a cardiologist? Take care of yourself, OK?

Family day, huh? Are schools and government offices closed?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Dave, I am right behind you down this slope of age related health issues and growing medical needs. hope you are feeling better.

heiresschild said...

wow Dave, i'm sorry to hear about your hospital episode, but i'm certainly glad it wasn't more serious than it turned out. i take med for HBP, and years ago, when i first started taking it, my body was trying to get regulated and i'd literally pass out. i had to quit my job and take a few months to adjust, and after that, i only worked part-time. i used to have a heart mummur, but God healed me from it some years ago, and i've had no problems with that since.

my prayers are with you for contined health and healing.

monday here in the states is a holiday, but it's Presidents Day--one of the biggest shopping sales days in the year.

BBC said...

Doctors love to put people on meds. I used to have heart mummers, sometimes it would as much as stop, and I would hit my chest to get it going again. But it's gotten much better over the years.

I just deal with things. I don't bother with doctors unless I have to and that is seldom, and I'm not on any meds.

I'll be 65 in four months and I'm still ticking along pretty well, but accept that I could die any day now. And I'm okay with that, it's been an interesting life and I don't want to get much older.

I know an old man that stopped taking his meds about six years ago, having decided that he was tired of fighting of life, and he is still ticking along.

I guess a lot of it is a crap shoot. Just some thoughts.

Akelamalu said...

Oh my that's scary! MWM has been on meds for HBP for years - better taking meds than risk the consequences of not I say. Hope you're feeling better now.

Mother of Invention said...

Sorry you have to deqal with this as well as other things. I so hear you, though! I've been diabetic for 40 years, and had a mild heart attack 2 years ago...I could barely feel it! I had an angioplasty with 1 stent put into an artery...and tons of meds too..metoprolol to regulate heart rate, lipitor (cholesterol), altace (BP) and blood thinners galore! It's just a part of my life now as well as trying to exercise, watch fat, sugar etc.! I do 7 needles/day sometimes and prick my finger 8 times/day to test sugar. It all is lousy, but in the big scheme, it can always be a lot worse...I'm still here to write this!
Good luck to you on the health front.

Mother of Invention said...

Oh yeah, have a great First Ever Family Day! I love the idea but know it's sparked a lot of controversy here in the title (what is the definition of family? Could it be a single person with her cat?) and....not all people get it off....(the funniest most ironic is Canada Post who seem to always have it pretty sweet!) I wonder if there will be feuds as to who gets the kids in blended families where divorce is an issue?

Anyway, I'm spending it with my husband (who has closed his home chiropractic office but is actually seeing an acute patient early in the morning) and my cats!

Hope you have a good one and rest up.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Dave, I'm really sorry to hear about your health problems. I'm of the high blood pressure category and had to change my lifestyle, diet, exercise in order to maintain it. No meds, the doctor doesn't want me to get on it yet. I agree with her.

Take care!

jAMiE said...

Oh dear, i'm so sorry to hear this Dave...but glad in your most recent post, that you are doing better.

Old age, bah humbug!