Thursday, January 25, 2007

“Not One Single Case of Throat Irritation Due to Smoking Camels!”

Over the past few weeks I have posted a couple of vintage ads dealing with the way society views the female gender. Today’s vintage ad deals with something a little different – society’s view of smoking. Now before I go any further, it is not my intention to offend any of you who smoke nor is it my intention to pass any judgement upon you. We all know the medical dangers of smoking but whether or not you smoke is entirely up to you and I respect that.

I am not sure about other places around the world but here in Ontario and maybe even in all of Canada, it is illegal for advertisers to place ads in magazines and commercials on television which promotes smoking. They even go a step further in banning cigarette companies from sponsoring athletic teams and special events. The government is adamant to encourage young people to shy away from smoking and to drop the cost of healthcare by eliminating smoking all together.

I came across this vintage ad and couldn’t help but notice how we have changed from the ways things once were in our opinion of cigarettes. There were two phrases that caught my attention while perusing the ad. The first one was found at the bottom of the ad.

“Not one single case of throat irritation due to smoking Camels!”

Well, maybe not while smoking them but, as we now know that not only does smoking irritate the throat, it also is capable of creating cancer of the throat plus many other diseases.

The other phrase that caught my attention was a quote in the yellow box from American actress Joan Crawford.

“I wanted a cigarette with rich flavour that agreed with my throat. Camels have a wonderful flavour and the mildness that I demand!”

I think it safe to say that we would be hard pressed to find anyone that would honestly agree that cigarettes agree with anybody’s throat.

We have become a smarter society when it comes to medical knowledge regarding smoking. Youth are constantly targeted by health awareness organizations regarding this habit… More and more companies are investing billions of dollars into nicotine substitutes such as nicotine patches and gum. The law is becoming stiffer and stiffer regarding under age smoking. It is also illegal in Ontario, Canada for an adult to purchase cigarettes for a minor.

So, the ad is not only vintage, the statements are false and outdated as well… a very good example of how society’s attitudes towards a belief and way of life have changed. It is my hope that one day, for the health of a nation, smoking will be eradicated.

Incidentally, though Joan Crawford died of a heart attack, she was previously diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer which one of the main causes is due to smoking.

Something to think about!


Sue said...

Dave I just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I really enjoy being a regular reader, you are far from boring or weird..;-)
I love how you constantly change it up and always have something interesting and thought provoking !!! Thanks for sharing :-)
p.s. I love your photography, however, that flippen snake pic is still embedded in my mind and I even had a nightmare the same night that I was being invaded by them. Needless to say I am afraid and disgusted by them.

Tai said...

Ah, Joan.

Well, all I can say is that I personally knew someone who (in the 1950's) was told to smoke by her doctor in order to relieve stress and tension.

She smoked till she was 70or so, quit, and then died of something non smoke related.

HOWEVER! I'm still glad I quit. 944 days (two and a half years!) and counting!

I think it's great that Canada takes the wind out of the smoking sales ('sails', as it were) but they still make their money from the industries.
It's a vicious circle, isn't it?

Le Nightowl said...

Hi Dave!
A new ban on smoking comes into effect next month in France.
The ad you have chosen makes us shudder in retrospect.
Of course we didn't know then what we do now (at least I hope the cigarette companies didn't know either, but I have my doubts)


Le Nightowl said...

PS: I don't smoke, never have, which doesn't immunise me from cancer :)

Sunil Parmar said...

It's really nice that you care about such things.
I don't smoke or drink because:I don't like the taste~had it been tasty, i would have tried it sometimes...:)

Bernie said...

I am 9 years quit as of February 2 -- Groundhog Day.

Wanna see something really creepy? There was a commercial (circa 1961) with the Flintstones endorsing Winston cigarettes. It shows Fred and Barney enjoying a cigarette behind the house while the Betty and Wilma are doing all the work. They even sing a little jingle. The whoe thing was cartoon, but the cegarettes were real. You can find it on You Tube.

Dave said...

Hey sue... Sorry about the snake pics and so I will make it up to you ... Check out the following pic and that should make it better

Thanks for your compliments ... Much appreciated!

Hi tai!...Congrats on quitting! How times have changed! And you are right when you say that there are many smoking survivors who never died from lung cancer or other cancer related diseases.

When you talk about making money from industries ... you are so right! Take care! :-)

Hi Marie!... You are right... We didn't know. The unfortunate thing though is that despite ignorance in knowing, people's lives weren't spared. Take care Marie. :-)

Hi Sunil Parmar!... I took one puff on a cigarette when I was 7 years old... Hated the taste ... never tried it again. Thank goodness for taste buds! LOL

Hey Bernie!... I am going to track down that video on You Tube! Thans for the heads up! Take care!

Janice said...

Good post Dave and as you say my how times have changed...and for once it is something for the better!

Sue said...

Hey Dave, I tried to view the pic? And the link brings me to a site about Cerebral Palsy... is there something I am missing? Anywhere in particular that may bring me to the pic you are referring to?
And please tell me there is NO snakes in the picture, even if it is innocent children using them for therapy... lol

Dave said...

It was just a cartoon picture of a cute snake... :-)

I tried it as well is is no longer there. Oh well... :-)

Jazz said...

I love those ads, they are totally hysterical. There's one where the celebrity is some singer or other, and she uses camels to soothe her throat...

If you like vintage ads, check out the All American Ads books you have one for every decade from 1900 to the 70s or 80s. Great stuff.

Dave said...

HI Janice!... Yes, I agree ... as long as the change is positive, it is a good change. :-)

Thnaks Jazz...I am going to chsck out thaT book! :-)

Josie said...

Dave, what a great post..! I hate smoking. It's not attractive, and smokers always look a bit... seedy. I have seen what smoking can do to people, and I have had friends and family members who died from smoking related cancers. I personally think it should be as against the law as heroin or crystal meth. It's just as bad, if not worse.


Becky Wolfe said...

Great post today. I've never tried it but my parents smoked when I was a child - both quit.

BC has the same laws I believe. And smoking is banned from all public places like stores, malls, even pubs here!

I still can't get over how many people continue to or start smoking in this day & age even though they know all the same facts us non-smokers do. Baffles me!

Too_Lively said...

Dave, I've been all over your blog and am really impressed!

About smoking... today my kids and I were watching the old black and white Night of the Living Dead and the kids were asking me why all the actors smoked so much and why they were choosing such dire moments, when the character’s attention should have been elsewhere, to smoke. It surprised my kids how accepted smoking was and how it was thought of as a necessary part of socializing.

As for Crawford… when I see her I do not think of cancer or smoking or even her movies. I just think of wire clothes hangers and mud masks.

Wendz said...

These ad related posts are wonderful. Thought-provoing too. It's great to see someone tracking the changes in society like you are doing.

Smoking. Terrible. I should stop. ;)

Sue said...

Cartoon snakes I can certainly do. That was very nice of you!

Dave said...

Hi Josie!... Maybe one day in the future it will be! You never know! :-)

Hi Becky!... It is against the law to smoke in public places here as well. It amazes me also that kids are still getting into the habit of smoking! Makes no sense.

Nice to meet you Too Lively!... Yes, maybe our kids are slowly getting the message that it "ain't too cool" to smoke to socialize. Kids can be very intuitive!

Hi Wendz! Yes...smoking...STOP!!! LOL I have no idea how difficult it is to quit... All the best! :-)

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