Thursday, January 11, 2007

Speaking with Forked Tongue

Somebody is speaking with a forked tongue!

I am not totally sure as to where this phrase came from but I think it safe to say that when we hear this phrase, we think of the act of lying. This metaphor could have its origins in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Now, despite the fact that this particular phrase is not found anywhere in the Bible, we do know that it says that Satan, in the form of a serpent lied to Eve. We also know that serpents have forked tongues.

Most of us who have experience with watching early American movies will have heard in these “cowboy and Indian movies” the "American Indians" accusing the "white man" with speaking with forked tongue.

Well anyways, as I was out for a hike the other day in the middle of winter, I came across a snake… “Yes,” a snake in the middle of January! And “no,” I am not speaking with forked tongue! …Now for you who are not familiar with Canadian winters, snakes don’t usually go for a “stroll” down a trail or a garden path in the middle of winter! I don’t ever recall seeing a snake out in the middle of winter before… until today and just so you don’t think that I am lying, I took a photo of it to prove it.

Now, I have always been taught that January is freezing and that snakes are usually off somewhere hibernating. The weatherman tells us that January is supposed to be cold…. Well someone is speaking with forked tongue… and this time it is not the snake.

You want the truth? Well, it’s all because of global warming!

Now I am not going to pretend like a fellow I work with that I am an expert on global warming but I have to say that I can think of no other reason that the weather is so warm during this time of year. I also believe that if we do not take care of our environment soon, we are going to lose our seasons the way we have known them for a millennium and that is not the only thing on our planet that we are going to destroy!

And that “ain’t no lie!”

So, the next time you consider doing something environmentally unfriendly, think of what global warming will do to you, your children and your children's children. Let's all do something to make our planet last a little longer.


Le Nightowl said...
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Le Nightowl said...

Hello Dave!
This is excellent picture! ... talk about a serendipity moment :)
I'm no expert in global warning either (I'm no expert in anything, come to think of it) but I must admit the weather has gone crazy. All this is very unsettling for Nature. And I agree something should be done toward environmental protection, starting at individual level. This is why (for instance) I only take my car when absolutely necessary. I wish I could do completely without it, but it's not possible, unfortunately.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

totally envious of your photos. We are also running on a similar frequency. I plan to post on climate change next week.

Isabelle said...

Hello, Dave. Thanks for your comment.

It seems to me - correct me if I'm wrong - that the politicians on your side of the pond are beginning to wake up to global warming. Which is good. Here in Britain we've been worrying for some time, though as for actually doing much about it - not sure that we're doing any better than anyone else.

I have roses blooming (not very impressively, but they're there) in my garden in Edinburgh. This is not how it was a few years ago.

Janice said...

Thought-provoking piece Dave! on the west side we have had nothing but rain and very destructive wind...lots of both...I too was shocked to see a huge spider crawling (out in the bush)across the one snowfall we did get...I think even the animal world is confused...excellent picture!

Dave said...

Hi Marie!... Thanks for the compliment. I wish I could leave my car at home but everywhere I go nowdays, I need to drive there. Totally envious of you! Take care!

Hi LGS.. I look forward to your upcoming climate change post. The topic certainly is an important one.

Isabelle... Very nice to make your acquaintance! I have buds on my Maple Trees popping up... Talk about confusung ! :-)

Hi Janice!... Sometimes I think the insects and animals are more conscious about what is going on in nature than we are. Maybe they know something that we don't!

Michelle said...

Can we say, with any measure of certainty, that as the last polar icecap melts into the warm sea that plausible deniability will no longer be an option?

Molly said...

Greetings from Florida where the weather has also gone a little crazy. This is the time of year when the weather here is usually at its best....not too hot, not too cold. But this past week, in January no less, we've had the a.c. kick on because it was so hot and muggy,then a few days later I found myself piling more blankets on the bed because it had turned so chilly. I agree something has to be done. And since the high mucky-mucks don't seem to feel any urgency, we should all be doing what we can .....Leapfrogged over from Isabelle....

arevik said...

beautiful picture. seeing a snake has always a strong impact for its symbolic power. but the snake is a good example of how man despises nature and think it should be destroy and manipulate in order to obey his own will. i hope we manage to get a little wiser before it is to late. in switzerland, we have a now completely snow-less winter. weird.

Dave said...

Hi Michelle.. by that time there will be no denying anything! :-)

Hi Molly ... Now that IS whacky weather! Reminds me of that movie Day After Tomorrow.

Hi Arevik!... For a while I thought we were going to have a snowless winter ... Today I was proved wrong! Darn!

Becky Wolfe said...

The planet is definitely changing. Although, here in the west, we aren't feeling the 'warming trend' this year. In fact, I think the country flip-flopped for us. Cold, snow, ice. It migrated to southern BC for once. A strange weather season for sure!