Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our Dog Sweetie

We have a dog named Sweetie! When we first got her, her name was Saki. We weren't sure as to whether or not she was named after a Japanese rice wine (sake) or a Kawasaki motorcycle but either way, her name just had to change as nobody liked it. We decided to give it a week or so before we decided what to name her. During that time, since we had no name for her, we referred to her as "Sweetie." We never did find another name for her since we realized that the name Sweetie suited her to a "T".

Yesterday, on the way out the door, I fed Sweetie. As usual, she was extremely grateful for her bowl of food despite it being the same brand of food that she has been getting for the past number of months. An hour later we arrived home and, as expected, she met us at the door with her tail wagging away. As I walked into the hallway, I noticed that she had vomited her food on the living room carpet. The next morning, I awoke only to find the same thing at another location on the main floor. Our dog was sick.

Sweetie has always been a healthy dog and it was very unusual for her to throw up or not feel hungry. She is a laid back dog, mind you but never lethargic… today she was lethargic. We are not sure as to what is wrong with her but you never know what the problem may be.

Before Sweetie, we used to have a Blue Heeler and before that a Husky. Neither of these dogs seemed to fit in. The blue Heeler was way too high strung and the Husky was too much of an outdoors dog for our lifestyle at that time in our lives to give it the attention that it needed. We found Sweetie through an ad in the local newspaper and once we met her, we knew she was the one for us! The minute we got her home, she lay down in the living room and fell asleep… That was our kind of dog!

She has been with us for over eleven years and, for a long time now, we have not seen her as a family pet but instead a family member. We have a lot of great memories with her. My son was five and my daughter eight at the time we took her into our home. She has never displayed an aggressive manner to anyone…ever. She is loved by all and the worst she could do to you is to lick you to death.

But today she is sick. We are not too concerned about her condition but I cannot help but wonder, at her age of 13 years old, what this may signify. Now, maybe I am thinking too much but with an old dog, you never know. All I know is that all of us in the family would be devastated should something ever happens to our Sweetie…Besides, who else would chase the grey squirrels out of our yard! She has been trying in vain to carry out this responsibility for over ten years, but as of now, she has yet to become successful in evicting a single squirrel! We love her anyways!

We know that dogs don't last a life time and so it is important that you show them the love you feel for them before it is too late. I have read that the death of a family pet is a good way for children to experience the death of a loved one. Well... I would rather have my dog Sweetie last a lifetime rather than provide that experience for my children... I am sure that my kids feel the same way!

Sweetie... Our wish is for you to last forever! Take care of yourself and get well!


Beth said...

aww...get better Sweetie. she looks like a little sweetie. I know how you feel about dogs, mine are my babies and we would all be devastated if something ever happened to them. In fact, one of the only times I have ever seen my husband cry was when we put our Old shepard, Jake, to sleep. Bawled like a baby....it's so hard.
I hope she feels better real soon. Rub her head for me, okay?

Hammer said...

Send sweetie my best.

Sometimes steamed rice helps if they have an upset stomach.

Leann said...

I truly hope Sweetie gets well soon. I've lost a family pet and it's not something you want to experience EVER!!

Dave said...

Hi Beth!... I have never had a pet die on me as we always ended up having to give them away for whatever reason. It is safe to say that we will be keeping Sweetie... Will be hard one day to see her leave us. Thanks for your concern! :-)

Hammer... I will do that...it is funny you should mention that as were are planning on doing that tommorrow. Thanks for the advice! :-)

Hi Leann...Thanks for your concern Leann... Much appreciated!

East of Oregon said...

I hope Sweetie is better very soon. take care:)

Sunil Parmar said...

May god make her well soon!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Get well Sweetie, I forgive you for chasing squirrels. It's an activity that keeps both dog and squirrel healthy. Wishing you many more summers.

Bernie said...

All my best to Sweetie....and to you and your family. These times can be very difficult, but here's hoping for the best.

Becky Wolfe said...

Sweetie is one loved dog that's for sure. It is so hard when they are sick & can't tell you what's wrong. We had to put our dear family dog down two summers ago - she was 11. It broke all of our hearts. I still arrive at mom & dads & look for her. She was definitely a family member & not so much a pet! So my wish is Sweetie will be on the mend for you soon!

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

I can feel your worry. Has she getting better now?
I wish sweetie gets well soon.

Cheryl said...

I hope that today finds Sweetie feeling like her old self. I plan on writing about Zeus soon. You've inspired me.

Jazz said...

At her age, I'd take her to the vet and have her checked out before it gets any worse. The older they (and we) get, the harder it is to get over these things.

Dave said...

Hi East of Oregon!... Nice to meet you and Thank you...We hope she gets better soon as well.

Hi Sunil Parmer!...Thanks for your well wishes.

Hi LGS..I will pass on your forgiveness. BY the way... The grey squirrels outside in my yard... They love your blog! :-) Take care!

Hi Bernie!... We are hoping for the best as well... Thanks for your concern.

Hi Becky!... I look for her every time I arrive home and so I am sure I will do the same in the years to follow. Take care!

Pink Ginger!...No she is not yet better as she got sick again yesterday evening. We are keeping a close eye on her. Thanks for your concern.

Hi Cheryl!...I look forward to reading all about Zeus... Sounds like a doberman pincer to me. Question... On what show was there a doberman by the name of Zeus and another by the name of Apollo? :-)

Hi Jazz!... We are going to give her a day or so more and then if nothing changes, head on over to the vet. Thanks for the good advice! :-)

Janice said...

Know how you feel Dave...I'm an older lady with a dog who is very special to me...and very opposite to yours ...he keeps me young with his antics and high maintenance...he's a Miniature American Eskimo-and we live in a place with little snow...go figure! Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with Sweetie.

Tai said...

Aw...I've got my fingers crossed for both of you.

Terri said...

nice post; there is nothing better than the unconditional love and affection you can get from a dog (no back talk and slamming doors that's for sure!). Hoping the best for Sweetie and the family.

Keith Hollar said...

I'm not a pet person but I know how much of a bond that can be formed with them. My wife & daughter love their cat very much. (Note I said "their" cat, I lay no claims to the feline in my house.)

I wish your dog well and hope she recovers soon.

Josie said...

Aw, there's nothing sadder than a sick pet. Sweetie suits her name perfectly. Give her a little scratch behind the ear from me.

I cried for two weeks when my Scottie dog Maggie died. It's awful.

Keep us posted on how she's doing. Let's hope it's nothing serious.


Dave said...

Hi Janice!...Thanks for your concern. Sweetie may not keep us young but she sure does keep us relaxed! :-)

Hi Tai!... Thanks so much! :-)

Hi Terri... You are right about that! She has yet to slam a door! LOL Take care!

Hi Keith!...You are so right when you talk of a bond. Take care!

Hi Josie!...A scratch... I will do that as I am sure she will appreciate that. :-)

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