Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Six Things That Make Me Weird!

Well I take it that Lone Grey Squirrel thinks I’m weird! Now, what did I do to him to make him think that way? Hmmm….

Anyways, I get on my blog this morning to read and respond to the comments I received over the past 24 hours. I enjoy this task as it gives me an opportunity to interact with people who take the time to visit me (thank you!). Anyways… So I get onto my blog and the first person’s comments I read is LGS only to find out he thinks I am weird!

All kidding aside… I spend the next eight hours trying to figure out six reasons that make me weird. After the eighth hour out of sheer frustration, I ask my friend for help and when I do, she has absolutely no problem whatsoever in coming up with six things. I have to admit, however, that she was probably right on each of her six suggestions! Actually it was five that she came up with as the first one, she said that she did not know about… “No kidding!”, I responded… “It’s not like I would tell just anybody!”

So here it goes!

I love to dance to music when nobody else is around. Now I am not talking about just a little bit of boogie… I am talking about down and out Michael Jackson style…without the crotch grabbing of course. I crank up the tunes and let it rip. Now when I go to a dance, I am much more conservative in my moves to the point that I feel like I am one heck of a lousy dancer but when the rest of the family is away… I play!

I love Marmite. (For info click on the word "Maramite")In the past twenty or more years, I have kept a constant supply of Marmite in my house. I just love the stuff…especially on fresh bread. Mmmmmm Good! Now please don’t confuse me with Love Marmite Fan Club (For info, click on the fan club name) because I would certainly not be a member to any club that would subscribe to the following:

“Eat Marmite? You don't just want to eat it, you want to bathe in it, wallow in it like a hippo in mud, slather yourself from head to toe and wrap yourself in bread and butter... And you know what? That's fine. Just fine.”

Forget the club! I just want to eat the stuff!

I refuse to blow my nose within earshot of others. Man, I have this buddy of mine who would blow his nose within 6 inches of me if I let him! Now that is just downright rude! I, on the other hand, would fly to the Ozarks if I could to perform this duty just so that nobody would hear the… anyways, you get the idea!

I was told by my friend that I eat way too fast. She told me that she swears that I inhale my food. “Yes,” she had the audacity to say that inhale it! She proved it to me by showing me how much food she had left by the time I finished mine. My indigestion alone proved her right. I am trying to slow down but alas!

I wear my sunglasses at night. Yes, it sounds like I come right out of a song sung by Corey Hart. As a matter of fact, I wear them at all times of the day and in all types of weather. “Why do you?” My friend asks me. “How the heck am I supposed to know why?” I respond. She just shakes her head, smiles and walks away.

The last thing I do that makes me weird is that I love to go mountain biking in the teaming rain…not just a drizzle but an all out rain storm. I don’t know what it is but I always have gone out harder and faster when the rain is pouring off my face. Now please keep in mind that I do not go out when it is lightening but when I am already out and a lightening storm approaches, I simply hide under the largest tree I can find for safety.

Anyways, there you have it! You judge for yourself if I am weird or not. Now if you say that I am NOT weird, you are probably lying through your teeth. If you say I AM weird, you will absolutely crush me…So what are you gong to do? Lie to me or hurt me? “Abstain from commenting” you say? Good answer!

By the way... about hiding under a tree during a lightening storm ... Do you really think I am that dumb?!? Please don't answer!


Sunil Parmar said...

There was nothing weird in that...instead I found it very humorous..:)

It was nice to know more about you.

Have a nice day Dave.:)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

No fair. You had help with this list!!!! Seriously though, thanks for playing.

Well, Mr. Travolta Wannabe, I'll let you have 3 out of 6 for weirdness. Why sunglasses at night, followed by your sneezing restrictions (me, I just tell everyone that its gonna blow) and finally mountain biking in the rain (this one sounds a little unsafe).

Monika said...

You are weird! ;o)
What's Marmite?

Bernie said...

When I compare the weird things I do to the so-called weird things you do -- you are definitely NOT weird.

Jazz said...

Wow and here I thought Mr. Jazz was the only person weird enough to actually like that stuff outside of England. Well, actually he much prefers the Australian Vegemite, but there you go.

And for Monika marmite (and vegemite)is a yeast extract, a byproduct of beer brewing. I'm guessing they scrape out the bottom of the barrels and put it in a jar. Nasty stuff IMO.

Becky Wolfe said...

Ewww Marmite! You ARE weird! Ha ha! But not so die-hard that you'll join the marmite club so that takes your weirdness back down to a manageable level!

Unfortunately, I inherited my grandfather's loud nose honk. I used to be embarrassed by it - not exactly lady-like - but now I force those around me to suffer with the sound. I appreciate your desire to spare those around you. My co-worker calls out 'MOOSE' whenever I have to blow. hehehe

I can imagine this sort of wild flailing dance moves you got goin on over there. I'd probably knock over a lamp if I attempted that.

Enjoyed your list!!!

Janice said...

You crack me up Dave!...and I refuse to say anything on the grounds I just might incriminate myself...wonderful post!

Dave said...

Thanks Sunil Parmer! At least someone is in my corner! LOL

Hey LGS... I think that Mr. Travolta is a "Dave Wannabe!" LOL

Hi Monika! Thanks alot! LOL For more information on Marmite, click on the 2 hyperlinks in the post. Sorry I did not make that clearer in the post. I have now clarified that.

Hi Bernie! Thanks for your vote of confidence! :-)

Hi Jazz! I was born in England so that explains it! I have never tried vegimite though.. The only thing I know about it is from the song Land Down Under by Men at Work.

Hey Becky ... It's so bad that I creep up behind my kids every once in awhile and attempt to place some under my kid's noses ..really ticks them off! I also annoy my son by giving a taste to my dog! As for the honking ... I suppose the ultimate is if I honk, dance and while eating marmite all at the same time!

Hey Janice... Abstaining are you? I know where you are coming from! LOL

Le Nightowl said...

The only thing vaguely related to weirdness in my book is the fact that you wear sunglasses at night.
Apart from that, you seem pretty normal to me :)

Dave said...

Hi Marie!... Thanks for your vote of confidence. I must say,however,that I don't always wear them at night and not in the pitch dark ... but often well after the sun starts setting. I am not that weird about it but close enpugh I suppose. :-)

monicker said...

Marmite? Wow.

I hear you on the nose-blowing thing. I can't let anyone watch me, I never mastered the ability to do it without spewing snot past the tissue.

Monika said...

You really eat that stuff? Sounds awful! ;o)
I took your advise and took the camera with me today. Made a few pics, coming up soon on my blog.

CSL said...

I've tasted Marmite once. Yeah, that qualifies you for weird. But not the nose-blowing thing. I had a friend (female) who used to spit frequently as we walked. Spit! Yegh. And the rest, just fun quirks.

Anonymous said...

Marmite? Well, at least your not eating Marmots!

Maybe your light-sensitive like me and that's why you wear sunglasses all the time.

You barely register on my "weirdo radar", but that's just because there is way to much competition around here (Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver B.C.) Your just gonna have to try harder. Maybe take in a Star Trek convention or two :)

Cheryl said...

I thought biking in the teeming rain was a little weird, but I imagine it would be pretty exhilarating . My 6 weird things were boring by contrast. I looked up Marmite but I still don't really understand what it is. How do you eat it? I know it's a paste, but it didn't sound like it tasted very good. I guess it's an acquired taste. And good for you!

Dave said...

Hi Monicker!... Thanks for the visual! LOL

Hi Monika!..Yes I do eat the stuff and it's great! You should try it! I look forward to your photo blog!

Hi CSL... weird??? Just because of Marmite??? Well, my family thinks so ... so you are not alone! :-)

Hi Proxima! ... Marmots...What the heck are they??? Star Trek conventions??? Did somebody say star trek? I swear I have seen every episode there ever was...except for DS9!

Yes Cheryl...It is exhilerating... I have always loved it. Yes, Marmite is a paste and certainly an acquired taste... Very salty as well.

Le Nightowl said...

... well, to the light of your reply to me, you're now declared perfectly sound :)

Wendz said...

I am not a Marmite fan...but I adore Bovril.

I also really dance like crazy when I am alone....all the moves...but never ever in public - then I just schmooch about a bit.

I like walking in a rainstorm so can identify with your biking habit.

As for the rest - they are funny - not weird. so are not at all odd.

nancycle said...

OK, now I'm thinking I ought to have included that my enjoying mustard on toast is weird...

I'm with you on the dancing, the nose blowing and the mountain biking in the rain!

Eternally Curious said...

LOL! Your mention of Marmite caught my eye! A friend of mine in the UK has been trying desperately these past 4 months to get a small jar shipped to me! All because I've never tried it, wanted very much to do so (I am, after all, Eternally Curious!!), and unthinkingly asked her to send some to me. Thanks to US Customs - No Can Do!! Can you believe that??!! I've finally salvaged our friendship (likely at the very last minute I'll wager!) by finding an East Coast online store right here in the USA where I can order the stuff. I have no idea how they can get it and I can not, and I'm not asking any questions! I'm just ordering some as quickly as I can before our silly-stupid Customs folks find out about it!! Teeheeheehee!!