Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Uniqueness in Nature

On January 1st, I went out for a hike with camera in hand. Here in Canada, we have what we call rail trails. Rail trails are stretches of land that were decommissioned by railway companies and converted into trails for hikers, bikers and horse riders. In Ontario alone, we have thousands of kilometres of these types of trails.

Anyways, as I was hiking down one of these trails, I came across this tree that immediately caught my attention. If I had a wider angle lens on my camera, you would have been able to see that this tree was the only one that was covered in this type of moss. Now, along the trail, there are other trees covered by moss but none of them held up to the beauty of this tree. The photograph doesn’t really do it justice but, with the naked eye, I could have sworn that the moss on this tree was fluorescent. As I looked around the vicinity of this tree, I couldn’t help but notice that everything within a twenty five metre or more radius of this tree was dead and grey. What made this tree so different? What made this tree so noticeable?

Somehow, while out in nature, we always seems to come across something out of the ordinary and most of the time the view is outstanding! How often do we consider something in nature as ugly? I, for one, am hard pressed to consider anything natural to be ugly. Well, maybe I should give that statement more thought before I go spewing such rhetoric but then again, I don’t think that there is any point to look for ugly things in nature!

In the next few days, I will no doubt be out hiking again and I will be sure to come across another unique form of nature… You just wait and see!


Leann said...

How unique. Thanks for sharing that sliver of your day :-)

Janice said...

A beautiful picture on Vancouver Island every tree is covered in thick thick moss-this being a rain forest area.
I would agree there isn't anything ugly in nature; what we might think ugly is a perfect balance of harmony carefully maintained by nature such as, for instance, a dead smelly mouse crawling with maggots...the ecosystem involved in this one tiny event is utterly amazing and dissolves any idea of ugliness...this post was a pleasure to read Dave

Becky Wolfe said...

From another nature lover, I have to say you hit the nail on the head about not needing to find 'ugly' in nature. Anything can be beautiful if you see it through that sort of attitude. Love the vibrant mossy tree. No wonder it caught your attention!

Josie said...

Dave, even in the photograph the moss on that tree looks fluorescent. You know, I have heard of fluorescent moss.

When you're out hiking in a few more days, be sure to share the pictures with us.


Le Nightowl said...

I like your thoughts about the subject. You can walk every day on the same path and still notice different things every time.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very nice. For me, the tree covered with moss, is alive with .... well, life! Sometimes to appreciate life, it has to be contrasted with the absence of life or perhaps with the absence of the joie la vie.

Monika said...

I've come to love to read your posts.

Dave said...

Leann,You are very welcome!

Janice, A perfect balance is so correct! Balance is what keeps things running smoothly.

Becky, You are correct when you say that anything can be beautiful. I just wish others would see that as well. Take care!

Josie, I will be sure to share more pics! I am glad you like them.

Marie, I miss your writing but am very glad to still see you around!

LGS, A contrast always helps us to see both sides. Thank you for your comment.

Monika, Thanks for your support!

darling24_7 said...

Thats a great shot and its very noticeable.

Its nice to be able to see what life has to show us ... nicer still to stop and capture it :)

Nice blog!