Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well...It Finally Came!

The snow, that is...

By this time of year, we should have had snow for at least six to eight weeks. Now I know that the winters are getting warmer and warmer but still we should have had a lot more snow before now. Up until now we have had rain, warm temperatures, rain, one million of an inch of snow... did I mention rain? Well, you get the idea.

Over the past few days, we have received some flurries but nothing much to speak of. This morning we had to scrape a few inches of snow off our vehicles. This afternoon after work we had to scrape and clear a lot more snow off the cars. By 1pm the roads were getting pretty slick and, not surprisingly, accidents were abounding. By 4:30pm we were in full blown winter ... and thus this picture.

Back when I was a kid I remember when we would look out our windows and go berserk at the first snow flake hitting the ground. It was like our favourite soccer team… errr… football team scored in the World Cup. We would cheer, jump up and down and beg mom to dress us up in our boots, coats, hats and mitts and let us out. By the time we got out, there were probably about 15 flakes on the ground but we didn’t care… snow had arrived and that’s all that mattered.

Now that I am an adult ("Har! Har! Hee! Hee!"... That would be the sounds I would hear if any of my friends or family were reading over my shoulder right now!)… Anyways, where was I? Oh yes … Now that I am an adult we look out our windows and go berserk at the first snow flake hitting the ground but not for the same reasons. It was like our favourite football team just got scored against… Arrrrrrrgh!!!! We would groan, slam our foot through the floorboards, hold our heads in distress and wish that we got our snow tires on earlier in the season. By the time we got our lazy butts out the door, there would be five bazillion snow flakes on the ground as we try to plough our cars down the road with our tires spinning madly.

So… winter is here and, of course Josie just has to inform me that spring has arrived on the west coast of Canada… Well, Josie… I am not on the west coast now am I!?! Then I remember that Josie has already had her winter so I suppose she deserves her better weather.

So, despite the impression I have given you about my opinion of snow, I quite enjoyed it while strolling through the park today with camera in hand… So, when you hear me go berserk about the snow, just ignore me because deep down inside, I am still a kid at heart and welcome the snow… as long as I am NOT driving in it!


ivan said...

You should maybe write into JR's Thumbprints...I'd like to highlight, but I am too new at the computer game as yetr.
JR offers comments on my own blog besides presenting a creative piece on his own blog almost every day.
He is a teacher too, though in institutional surroundings. He has a captive audience for his creative writing class. All jailbirds.
Something in common?
But your charges are allowed to roam free!

Leann said...

I'm with you. I love the snow. I don't even mind driving in it, as long as I'm the only one on the road :-)

I remember as a kid being as excited as you at the first snowflake hitting the ground. We would grab the sleds and head for the hills.

sAssY brOwn said...

I don't know if it's just beacuse we had no snow until January but man it seems now like it will never stop! The kids love it though for the sledding action so it's all good.

Le Nightowl said...

Guess what?
It snowed here, 2 days ago.
I hadn't seen snow since 1986 :)
I was out the day before yesterday, and again yesterday, to take pictures too.
... walking, not driving, to stay on the safe side :)
Beautiful picture, Dave!

Wendz said...

I am with you. Love to walk in the snow, to look at it...but hell I hate driving in it.

We've also finally had our first snowfalls....more fell last night...and I drive a lot for my job so am not a happy bunny. The kids are just as you described. I have an icetray in the freezer full of snow and a few large snowballs in a Tupperware.

Last winter was hell on earth - I have never seen so much snow for so long..I've really enjoyed the mild rainy winter we've had up until now. That's clearly over though. *sigh*

Gaijin Girl said...

that is a beautiful, beautiful photo. i want to get lost in it.

quite mild here in tokyo. i think february's usually the coldest month, so that's something to look forward to, i guess. :)

Monika said...

I AM still like you were as a child. First 5 snowflakes on the ground, I'm out there, at least trying to catch them with my tongue! ;o) Love you pic.

Janice said...

I love the snow too- it is the one thing I miss here on the Island...we do get it but it never stays more than a few days, usually happens only once a winter, and is a lot harder to shovel because it weighs a ton! Beautiful photo Dave!

polona said...

i love the photo and can so relate to your words :)
we also got some snow two days ago and winter temperatures since.

Dave said...

Hi Ivan... Thanks for the blog lead!

Leann... You are a brave person not minding to drive in it! :-)

Believe me Sassy Brown ... it better stop or else! We haven't had much of it but I am tired of it already. :-)

Hi Marie! I bet that the kids are in awe!

Believe me Wendz ... You don't have snow or snowballs in that freezer of yours anymore! You "got" ice and iceballs! I would hate yo get knocked up the side of the head with those! LOL

Believe me Gaijin Girl when I say that you definitely CAN get lost in it. Where that photo was taken, it is like I am walking in the middle of nowhere even though there are neighborhoods only a two or three minute walk away.

Hey Monika...Don't grow old! Though I must admit that I would love to see you walking around out there with your tongue sticking out! :-)

Hi Janice... Wet snow I hate... cold dry snow is a lot more manageable.

Hi polona... I don't think the winter cold is going to go away very soon! :-( Nice to meet you! :-)

Monika said...

Hi again, I will grow old, but never grow up completely! ;o)

Beth said...

ya, I don't really mind looking out my window at snow, but I don't like to be out in it at all. YUK! But I do remember, as a kid, going sledding, and making and ice skating rink in our backyard and stuff like that.....

Em said...

Here in CT we've had a few flakes...some frost...and some wicked cold days....but no real snow yet. Very weird for this time of year.

CSL said...

I love the way snow looks and like being in it if I'm skiing. Otherwise not so much, but I still hate it that we've not gotten a decent snow in a couple of years.

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Dave!
It's simply great.
There's a child inside everyone of us but some people just become ignorant to him.

To me all snow around seems to be a very divine thing.:)

Have a nice day Dave.

Dave said...

Hi again Monika... I am glad you said that because that is exactly how I feel! :-)

Ah Beth! All good memories I hope... I used to love tobaganning! For those who may be unfamiliar with that term... it means flying down a hill of snow on a sled made of wood, plastic or steel.

Hey em.... you got thst right ... Maybe you will get lucky and get some before Spring!

Hi CSL ... Now there's a sport I have yet to embrace...skiing. One day though! :-)

Hi Sunil Parmar... "Yes," snow can be very divine... at least when it first falls! Once the car tires roll through it and mixes with the dirt from the road along with the salt, I would then hardly call it divine... But I have to admit that nothing looks more beautiful then a field of freshly fallen snow.

Becky Wolfe said...

I love the look of snow too, if I or someone I love is not driving in it! If I could have everyone dear to me curled up in the living room in front of a warm crackling fire with a large picture window to watch the flakes come down & know there was nowhere to go or nothing we needed, I would love for it to snow & snow!

Cheryl said...

I was tring to comment last night but my daughter pushed me out of they way so that she could read your blog. I have to tolerate it, sigh, since my goal is to spend as much time with her as possible. So, we share our blogs. I really do enjoy it. What I wanted to say is I think this picture is wonderful. I love the repeating swings covered in snow in a snow-covered forest of trees.

Also, there's two nearby malls with Apple stores, and a favorite thing to do is go there on a Saturday night and play with the computers. The stores are always packed with others doing the same thing.

Dave said...

Hi Becky!... What a beautiful thought! We have often spoken of curling up by a fireplace (only a real one!) and watching it snow outside. Now if we had a hot tub...That would be our next beautiful thought!

Hi Cheryl!... Kids! My son pushes me around all the time (playfully of course!). I wish there was an Apple store over here where I could do that.